Sunday, 2 August 2009

Car Booty

I haven't posted any car boot finds for a while so I thought I'd better make up for it & show you what I found this morning.
When I awoke I was surprised & bewildered to see that above us was blue stuff...whatever could that be? Why! It was a blue sky!! ;-)

So Mr Cottage & I set off nice & early & this is what we found....

Lovely vintage books, a gorgeous pink pressed glass vase & a knitted tea cosy....
(Notice Toby peering around the corner?)

Gardening & Enid Blyton books.....

A Terry's chocolate box & a sweet puppy picture.....

An unused hand mirror & brush, a printed cot sheet, a comical tea towel & in the corner you can see a crocheted granny square scarf (never used).....

A collection of vintage baby congratulations cards from 1937 & a set of unused coffee wrappers which would look fabulous in a frame.

There was also a boxed set of assorted kitchen knives, a baby gown & a couple of vintage wooden coathangers - one from an hotel & one from Harrods - which I seem to have missed out on the photos!

So, all in all, pretty good pickings!


  1. I love the things you found, especially the baby cards. You did really well! We got a lot today as well, will do a post later :)

    Mel xxx

  2. Wow you hit the jackpot today didn't you?? Lots and lots of pretty treasures. I'm in love with the dresser mirror and pretty and sweet!!
    ♥ Teresa

  3. What a fabulous treasure trove of finds! I love the baby cards. Katie xx

  4. Those baby cards are really fantastic! Not long ago I was looking through my mum's baby book and she had such a similar card (although she was born later, during the War.) I used to study the card in detail when I was a child...

  5. Didn't you do well!!!
    Yes, the baby cards are fabulous!

  6. Goodness you did well.
    We went booting today but came home empty handed! Boo!

  7. Oh my didn't you do well!!!!

    Victoria x

  8. Wow, you did well, I love the baby cards and the puppy picture. I spotted your cheeky looking dog peeping around the door on the tea cosy picture.
    Ann x

  9. I had a great boot today too! The weather was perfect and the boot was a good one too! And now I get to pour over what over people got over a cuppa - You got a great haul - we have such similar tastes - I actually think I got a pillow case today in the same design as your cot sheet!


  10. Great finds, I love the cards! x

  11. What super finds! The cards look so sweet.

  12. Such fabulous finds! Love the baby cards!It was strange and welcome sight, the blue sky!
    Rachel x

  13. What wonderful treasures! I love the colors and vintage images you found. The puppy pictures is so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Didnt you do well!! I love those baby cards.
    jo xx

  15. Lovey booty there Jayne...but the tea cosy is surely meant for me! will it be in your shop soon>

  16. Excellent finds! I've got a tea cosy very similar to that, it just has a pompom on the top though. :-)

  17. Well done, great haul. Wasn't it fab to finally wake up and see blue skies on car booting day?!
    Hen x

  18. Hi, Great 'trove'! Haven't been able to go booting for a few weeks and really miss the thrill of the chase (or hunt) if you see what I mean.
    Lesley X

  19. Fantastic finds indeed love it all, I am off to a car boot in the morning rain permitting, so fingers crossed.

  20. WOW! Rich pickings indeed. I don't know what I like best the cards or the framed puppy picture.
    That boot sale must have given you a great buzz!

  21. Oh I just adore that puppy picture what a fab find.

  22. Those Enid Blyton books are hard to resist aren't they? I succumbed to one a few weeks ago.