Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Puppy Love

Well, my resolution of a weekly Monday blog went by the wayside this week due to this little time waster! It is like having a new baby except he can run around. He is so tiny it's easy to lose him under the furniture! His night time whining is becoming less but we are bleary reminds me why we have children when we are young. He has already learnt his name and is being very good with house training so far and has even learnt to sit by copying Toby. Toby is not quite sure what he is yet but is being fairly tolerant....hopefully they will be the best of friends one of these days. The cats are showing their disapproval by retiring upstairs, they feel that old ladies shouldn't be subjected to such baby bounciness. Everybody else just loves him of course. Milo, the Italian greyhound or 'Iggy' as they are affectionately known.


  1. Toby and Milo are lovely
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Oh Jayne, Milo is just adorable, thanks so much for sharing! Toby looks so cute in the photo too, I expect they will be best of pals soon! Jackie x

  3. OMG! He is precious! I'm back to blogging at a new address. Please stop by if you get the chance!

    Cottage Blessings,