Monday, 13 June 2016

Trying to Blog

I really used to enjoy writing my blog and interacting with other bloggers and readers, but it seems that I have ended up hardly doing anything at all. This morning I was thinking about it and was wondering if I could get back into it again. I have come up with a plan (a cunning plan perhaps?). I think the most enjoyable part of reading blogs is looking at the photos that are posted of houses, gardens, pets, vintage

 finds and outings etc so I wondered if I should try and do a weekly post of the photos reflecting what I have done the previous week? I wrote some posts like that in the past and it encourages me to take photos too.

So, if anyone is actually reading this after all this time, do you think? 

Shall I start one now as it is Monday morning...a good time to reflect on the past week and perhaps think about what is happening this week....

Last Monday Mr C and I had breakfast at The Canteen in Nailsworth.

I am working on a new flower bed and look who moved in!

I bought a new waffle maker so had to try it out for breakfast.

The Boy earned his keep by mowing two acres of buttercups that had exploded like invading zombies while we were away on holiday.

My garden roses are looking so pretty.

Our big exciting news is that we are getting a new puppy. We went to visit him again on Saturday, he is 6 weeks old now and Mr C is in love! 

There was manic puppy love for 10 minutes and then he promptly fell asleep upside down. He is a little Italian Greyhound and he comes home in two weeks time so brace yourself for lots of puppy pics.

We bought the puppy a little igloo bed and look who managed to squeeze himself in! 

Finally, this week I am looking forward to the next V&H Vintage Jumble Sale in Box where there will be vintage bargains galore. 


  1. Hello Jayne,
    would be really nice for me if
    ricominciassi to write on your blog. It would be a way
    to keep in touch with the 'england, land that I love you very much!
    It 'a shame that almost all you English bloggher not more façades,
    this thing I miss !!
    Love Susy x
    P.S have just been to Gloucester I saw that there is no more
    the Antiques centers at the Quai .... I'm sorry.

    1. Thank you Susy! It is a shame that the antique centre closed but there is a new one in the centre of town. I don't have a space there anymore but it is nice to visit. It is in an old historic Tudor building. x

  2. Hi Jayne, I always enjoyed reading your blog and would be delighted if you began blogging again! I think a weekly blog post would be most welcome and loved your update here.I would really look forward to seeing updates about your gorgeous new puppy when he arrives too!

    Jackie x

    1. Thank you Jackie! I will try and stick to my weekly blog resolution. I can't always promise that it will be interesting but I will do my best! Stand by for an overload of puppy pics after we bring him home next weekend. 😀

  3. Thank you Jayne, I shall look forward to that very much! xx