Friday, 8 July 2011

Big Ben

It looks as if poor Dylan is going to be out of action for the next few months with his ligament problem but will hopefully be able to start doing a little bit of exercise after another month of box rest but nothing strenuous.
In the meantime Tamzin has been fortunate enough to be asked to have a horse on loan for the summer - his owner has had a back operation so won't be able to ride for about 3 months or so as she recovers.

Introducing Ben, or Big Ben as we call him - he is 16.2hh & looks huge - he makes Dylan look like a Shetland pony! I was a bit worried that he would be too big for Tamzin but she does look fine on him & he is such a gentle giant - everybody loves him already. He is so easy, calm & quiet, affectionate & comes when you call him. He has settled down amazingly quickly too.

The only one who doesn't love him is Dylan as his nose is out of joint as he stands in his stable watching Tamzin with Ben....but he is still getting lots of attention, stable toys & extra carrots!


  1. Big Ben looks really great Jayne, and Tamzin has such lovely long legs he certainly seems the right size for her.

    Teddy, the horse I had before Bruce was a 17hh Warmblood and together with me being such a shortie, now we really DID look like the odd couple! (at least I didn't have to bend over when I clipped him in the autumn to reach under his tummy!)

    Wishing Ben and Tamzin lots of fun together- when are you going to have a sit on him?

  2. Wow Big ben indeed! He's lovely. My daughter occasionally rides a horse called George who is 18hh. She looks tiny (she's only 12) perched on top but he is a gentle giant. Always happeir when she is on Archie.
    Have fun!


  3. What a nice chap - larger horses are often sweet and gentle. Tamzin looks very comfortable on him.

  4. He looks lovely . A kind, soft expression.

    We have borrowed a friend`s large NF pony this summer. Another dark bay and another one with a sweet, gentle temperament.

  5. He is lovely, I remember when we got our first "big" horse, 16.1hh, he seemed enormous and I had to stand on tip toe to tack up. Now we have 3 about that size and it seems normal and the ponies seem like midgets! Anyway best of luck to Tamzin with Big Ben and hope Dylan gets well soon, hasn't he had a tendon injury before?

  6. What a beautiful horse!! Really lovely! xx