Monday, 28 November 2011

Where Have I Been?

This is why I have been absent from Blogland recently - Balli arrived last Sunday & as Tamzin is away at university the care of both Balli & Dylan falls to me. As I have told you previously, Dylan has had problems with a ligament in his front leg & has been on rest for the past 6 months. He seems to be sound now & we will start bringing him back into work next month after a vet check up, but we have decided that as this is the second time it has happened that we are going to keep him in light work so he will no longer be competing in show jumping or cross country.

So, the plan was to look for another horse next year once Tamzin has finished uni. However, as they say - the best laid plans.....

Balli is owned by someone who has lessons with Tamzin's riding instructor & has decided to sell him as she (the owner!) is pregnant. Tamzin's instructor felt that she & Balli would be a good match. He is like Dylan but with a V8 engine! He is bigger than Dylan at 15.2hh & younger too as he is 5 years old. We have him on trial for a few weeks & if he passes his vetting we will be buying him. He is the sweetest natured horse I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body & makes even easy going Dylan look grumpy! He & Dylan are sharing a field & they are like long lost brothers - grazing next to each other, lots of mutual grooming & Balli follows Dylan everywhere he goes - so sweet to see!
So, keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with the vetting in a few weeks time.

In the meantime, I really needed to get my stock organised & priced for the V&H Christmas Fair which is THIS Saturday! At the rate I was going I would be trying to get everything ready on Friday night, so yesterday I decided to spend the day sorting out my stock, so here are a few photos of some of the goodies I will be bringing along. I do hope to see lots of you there as it will be a fabulous day as always! I am looking forward to doing some Christmas shopping myself!


  1. Oh Balli is gorgeous.... what a lovely face!!
    I really hope all goes well with the vetting.
    You have some great stock for the fair, I love the vintage Christmas decorations.
    Hope you have a good day on Saturday.
    Abby xx

  2. Good luck for Saturday
    Julie xxxx

  3. Your horse looks so pretty!! Really a cute chap!

  4. Whoooo, exciting times! See you Saturday...
    Hen x

  5. wow- he looks really lovely, and with a V8 engine to boot, Tamzin is going to have a whale of a time!
    I always think they find you, rather than the other way round...
    Hope your fair is another brilliant success

  6. What a sweet looking horse, he looks a real character. All the best for Saturday, I am sure it will be wonderful.
    Ann x

  7. I love reading your blog. It sounds like you will have a perfect horse family. The field looks so scenic, lucky horses! xxx Lorraine xxx

  8. Love the geegees, they're absolutely marvelous but my was caught by the ivy tea set at the bottom! I had a set identical to it when we lived there and when our household belongings arrived here that was one of the things that had been stolen...I've always regretted it...I loved it so...

  9. Thank you for a grand fair yesterday. Yes, the lady with the bags did come to see me! Many thanks. xx

  10. Thank you for a great fair, Jayne...It was lovely to be back on the line-up.

    Have a great week with your new addition,
    Niki x

  11. dylan and baille look good friends !
    Kind of you to take him in too.

    (linky party live)