Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Gloucester Antiques Centre

I popped into the centre on Monday to take in some new stock - I haven't been for a couple of weeks as I haven't had much time to spare, so it was looking a little empty. Happily, it is filled up again & the table has a yellow theme this week. I was pleased to find the yellow roses items, all at different places, but they go together so well.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Chair Revamp

Last year I bought two of these vintage chairs with the intention of giving them a makeover. As is usual with these things they have languished in the garage ever since. A couple of weeks ago, on a nice sunny day, I decided it was time to do something with them so I removed the seats & gave them a light sanding.

Instead of using traditional paint & paintbrush I thought I'd give spray painting a go - it's much quicker, particularly on chairs as there are so many different sides to paint, it also gives a much smoother, run-free finish & dries quickly, but it is pretty expensive as one can doesn't go far. I used plasti-kote products. First of all I gave them one coat of primer (also spray paint) & let that dry, then applied two coats of Antique White. As it dries so quickly you only need to leave about an hour between coats so the chairs were finished quite quickly. I did this job on the paving behind the garage as it's inevitable that you'll get some paint wafting around & I don't like to stand things on newspaper as it tends to stick.

I then sanded the edges lightly to give a slightly distressed finished, reupholstered the seats with a lovely blue linen fabric & here we have the completed product....what do you think?

I have a tired wicker ottoman which is next on my hit list....

Friday, 8 July 2011

Big Ben

It looks as if poor Dylan is going to be out of action for the next few months with his ligament problem but will hopefully be able to start doing a little bit of exercise after another month of box rest but nothing strenuous.
In the meantime Tamzin has been fortunate enough to be asked to have a horse on loan for the summer - his owner has had a back operation so won't be able to ride for about 3 months or so as she recovers.

Introducing Ben, or Big Ben as we call him - he is 16.2hh & looks huge - he makes Dylan look like a Shetland pony! I was a bit worried that he would be too big for Tamzin but she does look fine on him & he is such a gentle giant - everybody loves him already. He is so easy, calm & quiet, affectionate & comes when you call him. He has settled down amazingly quickly too.

The only one who doesn't love him is Dylan as his nose is out of joint as he stands in his stable watching Tamzin with Ben....but he is still getting lots of attention, stable toys & extra carrots!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Funky Chicken

Saturday morning saw 8 eager ladies gathered at the village hall to learn a new craft. As you can probably guess from the first photo, it was a stained glass workshop. It was organised by one of the village ladies & run by the charming Caroline.

After giving us instruction on how to cut glass, sand it, copper foil & lead it we set to with our pencils & paper designing our creations. Cutting out the pieces was surprisingly easy once you know how.

It was great fun choosing from jewel coloured sheets of glass & using the soldering irons to join it all together with solder was like alchemy!

Here are some examples that Caroline brought along to inspire us.....

And here is my final product - a Funky Chicken who is now hanging in the kitchen. It's always great fun to try out something new.
....I can see that a soldering iron might be on my shopping list soon!