Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Well, I had to join in & post a few snowy photos! The horses loved it, frolicking & rolling & eating the snow before making snow circles with their noses to get at the grass beneath - the field looked as if we'd had little alien spacecraft landing all over it.

They were as snug as bugs in their rugs & the prize for the longest tail went to Dylan...yes, he has two rugs on - molly coddled cob!

Kisses from Balli.

The hens were not quite as pleased & refused to leave their cosy new house even though it did look terribly pretty in the snow.

Toby & the cats much prefer to stay inside by the fire or the Aga, thank you very much!

Lots of mysterious footprints including birds, rabbits & badgers going their merry way.

It is snowing again but I do hope it stops before I have to go & feed the horses this afternoon - their field is uphill & the snow is deep so it's quite a slog!

Stay safe & warm!


  1. I'm with Toby and the cats Jayne ... snuggled by the Aga!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. It has finally stopped snowing here but the temp has dropped considerably so I guess it will be icy roads tomorrow :(
    M x

  3. I'm glad your horses like the snow. I think your cats have the right idea, staying in the warm!

  4. You should look at the latest post on this blog - - v cute shetland ponies!

  5. Bruce was also out with two huge rugs on and hated every minute of it- as soon as he'd finished his hay ration he started pacing up and down by the gate until I took pity on him and fetched him in at midday.
    Unfortunately that set the precedent and its been the same routine each day now!
    Who said cobs were tough!

  6. What lovely pictures. I have 2 ponies and a shetland. They seem to be happy at the moment . We have only had a couple of days with snow. They are stabled at the other end of our village so it's a short drive to them . Watching the weather report everyday in case I need to bring them in.Giving them lots of treats but can't wait for it to warm up.

  7. Animals & snow..... 2 of my favourite things!! Love the footprints & Dylan's tail is amazing! x