Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I'm sure Dylan thinks he is a comedian!

Two weeks ago we moved the horses home - it makes life so much easier & we see a lot more of them & the amusing & cute things they do too! This was Dylan getting up from having a nap - he sat like this for quite a while. He pulls faces too & I swear he knows that he is being funny.


  1. I have just sent the link to your blog to my friend. She is also called Jane. She doesn't blog but she has a horse called Shylo and I know she will absolutely love this picture.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Hello Jayne, what a lovely, characterful horse! He should be on the stage ...

    Just read your last post, I must have missed it when it was posted, and I'm so sorry about your poor chickens. As a chicken owner I really sympathise, as I know how attached I am to my girls, and I haven't had them as long as you.

    Love your header, by the way, the pram is brilliant!

    Enjoy the sunshine

    Claire xxx

  3. He should be on 'Britains got Talent'!
    I didn't know horses could sit like that.
    Hope you are enjoying the lovely warm weather today.

    Bellaboo X

  4. haha! cobs- born to do funny things! Don't you think they're really the terriers of the horse world?
    So much better having them at home

  5. So funny...what a great picture!