Friday, 7 June 2013


On a recent sunny day I was walking home through the village & thought I'd take some photos as I went along & share my walk with you. Things that you don't notice when you are driving. Interesting things, pretty things & every day things.

One of the first I photographed was the village pound - I am pleased that it is still there. For those of you who don't know, the pound was a small walled area where any loose animals would be rounded up & placed & then the owner would have to pay a fine to reclaim them.

Nowadays there is a bench & information about the village in there.

There are always abandoned & derelict farm buildings crumbling away here & there - they must have been useful once.

We have lots of stone around here, therefore lots of stone walls around the houses & farms.

This big rock has a plaque which commemorated the planting of an oak tree for the Queen's Golden Jubilee & the little tree is doing very well 11 years on.

Of course almost everyone grows flowers & vegetables so there are always surplus plants to buy - the 'honesty boxes' always please me - it is so trusting.

Hay racks make excellent planters.

There is a lot of cow parsley around at the moment...or Queen Anne's Lace, which sounds so much more important! Our horses love eating it.

A very old milestone so we know how far it is to Wotton.

We are now just about coming to the turn into our lane & here is the old Ebenezer Chapel which was derelict when we came to live here but is now a pretty house.

On our lane now, a very well tended veggie garden (these neighbours almost always win lots of the vegetable categories at the annual flower show!)

No straying here - well behaved sheep & lambs.

Beautiful & wonderfully scented bluebells on the roadside.

The last stretch until we are home.

Mind the tractor & trailer - this one doesn't smell good at all - it is full of slurry for spreading on the fields - peg on nose!

Home at last - tulips on the doorstep....time for a cuppa?


  1. A lovely walk around your village. It looks a good place to live.
    Using the old hay rack as a planter is a great idea. We have a couple in the shed so they might get a new lease of life!

  2. What a lovely village walk! enjoy the sunshine x

  3. we loved taking a walk with you. How interesting. we have been out of the loop, so its lovely to be visiting. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  4. What an enjoyable walk in the sun, nice to see the flowers - and not to smell the slurry! Lesley