Sunday, 8 September 2013


Yesterday morning the village hall in Rangeworthy was piled high with lovely vintage bargains. One of the advantages of being a stall holder is the quick scout around before the doors open. I scooped up a lovely doll, a teddy bear, teeny ceramic pudding charms, a souvenir horse and cart from Thornbury, Liberty fabrics and a pair of stockings for the lovely illustration on the front.

We had a long queue waiting by the time the doors opened at 10am and it was non stop until closing time. I sold loads and came home with a lot less than I took, much to Mr C's delight! By closing time the stalls looked decidedly bare.

As pictures paint a thousand words I will leave you with some photos of the treasures on offer.

If you missed this one, fear not as the last Jumble of the year will be held on the 12th October in Box in Wiltshire. See our website for more details.

PS....I am using the blogger app on my iPad for the first time so please let me know if this post looks ok on your computer!


  1. I love those ox-eyed daisies - do you remember what they were made of?
    All looks good fun
    Best wishes

  2. Wow - looks fantastic! Love all those vintage bits and pieces - the cakes look fab too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. looks like a stunning day, and the cakes. . .!!!
    thanks for supporting Kirsty's goat soap page on fb, much appreciated x

  4. Thanks for sharing, I love the picture of the "eidys" makes me want to hibernate, xx

  5. It looks a great day was had by all, oh my gosh despite having a collection of approximately 20 eiderdowns I would have had great difficulty passing by that gorgeous pile of snuggleness.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Peg xx