Thursday, 8 January 2015

Aga Saga

This week I had the 18th visit from an Aga engineer. In human terms, 18 is an auspicious number - the number when you become an adult, it represents independence & freedom. Sadly, for my Aga it just means yet another rescue mission. Since this baby was created & delivered to my home it has been a very poorly child indeed with constant visits from the engineer to resuscitate & revive it. Now, while J the engineer is a very fine fellow I would prefer to not see him quite as often as I do! This past Christmas the Aga has once again been out cold in a coma awaiting J's expertise in the New Year. This is not the first Christmas that the poor thing has been dead & in need of a 'heart' transplant (or burner as it is known in Aga circles). It has been purely decorative!

This particular Aga (3 oven oil fired) has been such a troublesome child that Aga have stopped reproducing them & abandoned them. Now, you'd think that Aga, that great icon of the British country kitchen, would be concerned about the welfare of their offspring, but no, they have washed their hands of all responsibility & told us poor adoptive parents that it is our problem, not theirs, but we could have a complete change for a mere £5000! After spending a great deal to adopt this beauty & many more pounds to repair it, I somehow think not!

In the Aga publicity materials we are told that besides cooking, we will no longer need an electric kettle, a toaster, a tumble dryer...which is true when the Aga works. What they failed to mention is that we would need an entire other cooker to use when the Aga is out of order once again or else the family would starve!

Currently it is working after yet another new burner having been installed, but I fully expect it to give up the ghost again within the year.

So come on Aga...take pity on this ill conceived offspring of yours & come up with a proper & final solution for this problem child!


  1. Hi Jayne, I agree with you that one would expect better service from such a well known company.
    I've been told, which might be worth a try - If you keep visiting their Facebook page outlining your complaint, that due to it being so public, they will get round to dealing with your problem...Could be worth a try?
    Good luck, Niki x

    1. Great minds think alike Niki - I have done just that!

  2. I have an Aga too. It is our second Aga and is the same as yours. We've had it for four and a half years now and in the first year of installation it was absolutely terrible. The engineers were backwards and forwards so much we lost count.
    It seems to be fine now (fingers crossed) but isn't as responsive as an earlier model (which we also bought new (10 years ago) in a different house.
    Having said that - when it works well it is a thing of beauty and I wouldn't be without it...but when it isn't working well it is a horror. Rather like the 'little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead...when she was good she was very,very good. But when she was bad she was horrid.'

  3. Hi Jayne... long time no speak.
    I'm having a few 'home' days this week as Ruby (my 2 year old goldie) is recovering from a "ladies op".... she is feeling very sorry for herself too. Last night I slept on the floor with her as she is quite distressed...
    I bet you're thinking 'what's this got to do with my AGA'.... well nothing really, other than I also had a troublesome on-going problem with my oil fired so changed it when we moved to an EVERHOT, it's virtually the same as an AGA but not as expensive to buy or run - mine is electric and can be regulated if necessary. I never imagined I would be saying this but I do love it.
    Anyway getting back to my dog story... Both Ruby and I cuddled up next to the EVERHOT all night and it was equally as comforting as the AGA.
    Hope your troublesome child is soon brought to task.
    Bye for now

  4. Hello again! I spoke too soon on my last comment, I think my Aga must have been listening. Shortly afterwards it started to play up again, going off for no reason or overheating for no reason either. So we took the expensive plunge and have had it converted to electric. Otherwise it was in danger of becoming a very,very expensive and useless ornament.
    The advantages of an electric Aga seem pretty good so far. Runs well, we can use the timer for it to be up to temperature at the times of day when we want it (and have the easy facility to boost/overide the timer). And it only needs servicing every 5 years so costs saved on servicing will just about cover the conversion.
    I hope yours is getting sorted.

    1. Hi Glynis, thanks for the update on your Aga Saga! Since writing my blog I have been contacted by Aga and we have come to an agreement to have the conversion so will be having that done probably in a month or so. It's good to hear from you that yours is working well. I do love my Aga when it works!