Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Puppy Love

Well, my resolution of a weekly Monday blog went by the wayside this week due to this little time waster! It is like having a new baby except he can run around. He is so tiny it's easy to lose him under the furniture! His night time whining is becoming less but we are bleary reminds me why we have children when we are young. He has already learnt his name and is being very good with house training so far and has even learnt to sit by copying Toby. Toby is not quite sure what he is yet but is being fairly tolerant....hopefully they will be the best of friends one of these days. The cats are showing their disapproval by retiring upstairs, they feel that old ladies shouldn't be subjected to such baby bounciness. Everybody else just loves him of course. Milo, the Italian greyhound or 'Iggy' as they are affectionately known.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Almost Mid Summer!

Well, here I am, the second week in and I'm writing a post!

Hopefully the summer solstice tomorrow will bring a return of the lovely weather we had before the rain this past week.

I picked some lovely David Austin roses from my garden...the roses are flowering like crazy at the moment.

I visited the outlet at Clarks Village and bought two, I don't usually have much luck with skirts as I think they can look frumpy on me, plus you have to find a top to go with them. I find they often don't fit well as they fit on the hips but are too big on the waist. This time I was in luck...this appliqu├ęd horse design with Pom Pom trim was from White Stuff and fits a treat. Plus it was marked down from £55 to £20! One for the Autumn/Winter with a jumper, tights and boots I think.

The second one was from Seasalt and is a longer length, reduced from £60 to £25, so two good buys!

On Tuesday Michele and I enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea at Tortworth Court Hotel. It was a decadent treat which included Pimms...two happy V&H organisers. 

A view of the roses from my bedroom window.

We have a long and very fast growing hedge along the back of our garden. There are about 60 Leyllandii trees...they truly are the devil's trees. They never stop growing... I don't know why anyone plants them as they need constant cutting. Mr Cottage has started work on reducing them, removing some and cutting back others. He has to check each tree for birds nests first of course. If you consider that the platform in the photo is about 6 foot high you can see how big these trees are. Just cutting back a few reveals our view across the farm again.

On Saturday we held one of our Vintage Jumble Sales in Box, Wiltshire. They are always such fun and you never know what you may find. The next one is on the 16th July in Rangeworthy.
See our website or Facebook page for more info.

Finally, another puppy pic....we will be bringing him home on Friday. There is much excitement and preparation going on here at Cottage HQ! 

Monday, 13 June 2016

Trying to Blog

I really used to enjoy writing my blog and interacting with other bloggers and readers, but it seems that I have ended up hardly doing anything at all. This morning I was thinking about it and was wondering if I could get back into it again. I have come up with a plan (a cunning plan perhaps?). I think the most enjoyable part of reading blogs is looking at the photos that are posted of houses, gardens, pets, vintage

 finds and outings etc so I wondered if I should try and do a weekly post of the photos reflecting what I have done the previous week? I wrote some posts like that in the past and it encourages me to take photos too.

So, if anyone is actually reading this after all this time, do you think? 

Shall I start one now as it is Monday morning...a good time to reflect on the past week and perhaps think about what is happening this week....

Last Monday Mr C and I had breakfast at The Canteen in Nailsworth.

I am working on a new flower bed and look who moved in!

I bought a new waffle maker so had to try it out for breakfast.

The Boy earned his keep by mowing two acres of buttercups that had exploded like invading zombies while we were away on holiday.

My garden roses are looking so pretty.

Our big exciting news is that we are getting a new puppy. We went to visit him again on Saturday, he is 6 weeks old now and Mr C is in love! 

There was manic puppy love for 10 minutes and then he promptly fell asleep upside down. He is a little Italian Greyhound and he comes home in two weeks time so brace yourself for lots of puppy pics.

We bought the puppy a little igloo bed and look who managed to squeeze himself in! 

Finally, this week I am looking forward to the next V&H Vintage Jumble Sale in Box where there will be vintage bargains galore.