Saturday, 13 August 2016

Weeks have gone by....

So much for my resolution about blogging more often but I do have a few excuses.
1: Puppy
2: Painters
3: Puppy
4: Plumbers
5: Puppy

Let me explain....for the past few weeks our house has been invaded by painters and plumbers. We are doing some home decorating and completely redoing our en suite bathroom. I didn't mean to have them all at the same time but that's the way it worked out. My sole job has been keeping the dogs away from the paint and from under the workmen's feet (we have had about 5 at a time). It means I have had to move stuff from room to room to enable the painters to work and trying to keep a bouncy puppy away from slow drying gloss paint is not easy. The painting and decorating should be finished on Monday and the bathroom by the end of next week. 

As you can see, the dogs are not too impressed at being confined to the kitchen.

Piles of dolls and toys that had to be taken out of my big cabinet so it could be moved.

80's wallpaper discovered behind the radiators.

Hanging wallpaper above the stairs...quite a precarious job!

I'm thrilled with the finished result.

It is a wide width wallpaper by Lewis & Wood called Royal Oak. It depicts local landmarks such as Tetbury Church, the River Avon and various wildlife and trees.

It's all looking so smart and fresh but it's not finished yet....


  1. I love your wallpaper.
    The dogs are getting well.

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Love the wallpaper, no wonder you're pleased, Jayne. Particularly like the local connection. Best wishes, Lesley x