Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Weekend Finds

I am currently on a mission to find as many lovely vintage items as possible for the Vintage & Handmade Fair which is in just over 3 weeks time!
So, off we went on Monday to Malvern Fleamarket to see what we could find. There were loads of people going in - the busiest I've seen it for many months, but for me there wasn't a lot to choose from. Some prices are really sky high & prices for the same thing can vary hugely.
The best looking stall was Tracey of The Vintage Bothy, who always has a colourful & inviting display.
I did find a few bits & bobs, most of which will make an appearance at the fair - my favourites are the two vintage dogs & the tin above - I'm very tempted to keep them...but my mantlepiece is starting to look like a china dog sanctuary....

I loved this little picture.

A Vernon Ward print of Mousehole.

A lovely wooden jigsaw puzzle - all the birds are separate pieces.

Vintage gardening books which have such lovely cover illustrations.

Recently Claire of "Made in Pixieland" had asked her blog readers to suggest a title for one of her new pictures & she liked the one I suggested so she very kindly sent me the first of the prints! It was a lovely surprise & I intend framing it for my bathroom wall.

The very talented Claire will be having a stall at the V&H Fair so be sure to stop by & look at her lovely cards & prints.


  1. My parents use to own both the Vernon Ward prints. That one and the one of Penzance Harbour. Not sure where they are now one day they may or may not come to light! I like the puzzle an the books. The dogs are really sweet.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Claire's print is absolutely gorgeous! What a clever lady she is - lucky you for being given the first one.


  3. What lovely finds! I especially am taken with those adorable china pups. How sweet. :)

  4. Oh! My favorites are the dogs, too! But the sweetheart picture is running a close second.

  5. Yet again, although we live in walking distance, I didn't get to the flea fair. Love the china dogs, and such a lovely print from Claire.

  6. Hi Jayne
    Thank you for the comments, I can't wait for the next V&H, see you there if not before!

  7. Hello Jayne,
    lovely finds!
    the Print of Claire's is gorgeous, what a sweet thought!
    Rachel x

  8. I don't know how you could part with any of those great finds, especially that sweet doggie on the right!

  9. Some lovely finds there, Claires print is gorgeous.
    Twiggy x

  10. I can’t wait to see what goodies you’ll have at the fair and I will definitely be hunting out one of the mermaid prints for my bathroom too!

    Victoria xx

  11. Absolutely love the little dogs, they could clutter my mantlepiece any day. Love Claires print too.

  12. Ooh , I love that tin. How can you possibly sell it?

  13. I love those china dogs I think they will do very well, good luck with everything. Julie.C

  14. Great buys Jayne. The print of Mousehole is lovely. Can't believe that the fair is so close!

  15. Looking forward to seeing you (and your finds) at the Vintage Fair. I know what you mean re prices. We went to Shepton on Sunday and found it very hard to buy at prices which would resell at the shop. Will probably go to the next Malvern since we have family nearby to stay with:)
    Lesley X

  16. Lovely finds. We were down that way for Easter. We were going to go to Malvern for the market but ended up at Leominster car boot.