Sunday, 27 March 2011

Meet The Moppets

I know I have been rather remiss on the blogging front of late, but with the Spring Vintage & Handmade Fair just a matter of weeks away there has been a lot of preparation to be done, particularly advertising & promotion.

I have also been doing a bit of sewing & have made a Bounce of Bunnies to take to the fair. They are made from vintage baby blankets & dressed in a mix of vintage & modern fabrics. Each one is different & they are called The Moppets. Currently they are living in a suitcase (thanks Jo!) but would like to find new homes!

Let me introduce you.....

Left to right....

Molly Moppet
Likes: Hedgehogs
Dislikes: Lettuce

Mabel Moppet
Likes: Apple Pie
Dislikes: Ferrets

Martha Moppet
Likes: Parsley
Dislikes: Tabby Cats

Mary Moppet
Likes: Rhubarb Pie
Dislikes: School

Left to right....

Maisy Moppet
Likes: Peter Rabbit
Dislikes: Mr McGregor

Milly Moppet
Likes: Carrot Muffins
Dislikes: Jack Russell Terriers

Maggie Moppet
Likes: Patchwork
Dislikes: Washing up

Mandy Moppet
Likes: Dandelions
Dislikes: Tractors


  1. Those are great...........especially Martha!! -x-

  2. The Moppets are really fab' jayne! x
    love them! x

  3. They are adorable Jayne, so glad the suitcase came in handy! See you soon.
    Jo xx

  4. The bunnies are SO cute, and I enjoyed learning their likes and dislikes! I'm betting that you will sell out of them at the Fair!

  5. Hi Jayne

    The Moppets are a very sweet family indeed!
    Isabelle x

  6. So sweet and so much fun, dislikes tractors indeed!

  7. Very cute the fabrics too!
    Susan x

  8. Jayne, your moppets are ADORABLE!!!! I want to live near you and come to one of your fairs!!

  9. aaahhh there all so very cute ;-) dee x

  10. What a lovely post, thank you for making me smile :) Abby x

  11. What a gorgeous family of bunnies and all so beautifully turned out in their Sunday best.
    Lovely blog.

  12. These are fabulous Jayne I love them, great design.
    I imagine you are busy preparing and planning for the fair, good luck with everything. best wishes Julie.C

    I have a change to my web add-

  13. Just thought I would visit and say what a lovely blog you have, I came across it visiting others, it is full of interesting things. I especially love the look of the cakes you have made.

  14. The Moppets look just lovely and right characters by the looks of things.