Monday, 4 April 2011

Two Sad Dolls

"Oh no!", I can hear you cry, "Not another one of her crazy doll stories!"

Well, sort of.....

A while ago I bought two dolls (I'm not going to say "vintage" or "old" because these dolls are the kind of dolls I played with, & I'm just a Spring Chicken I'll have you know!)

One is a 1960's Tearful Cheerful & I did indeed have one of these dolls - my Grandmother gave my sister & I one each for Christmas. My mum has a photo somewhere of us with them....unfortunately I no longer have mine. :-(
Anyhow, this dolly's facial expression changes when you move her arm - down & she cries, up & she smiles.
The other is a 1970's Tiny Tears. Both of them were a little grubby, needed their hair restyling & were naked (eek!).

So I thought it was about time they had a little attention & here is their story in pictures....

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode.....


  1. Oh I want to see what you do to Tiny Tears - I have the same doll I rescued from my parents attic earlier this year.

  2. Loving Tiny Tears' hairdo. Wish I could transform mine like that at the kitchen sink!!

  3. They're lucky to have hair left - my dolls were subject to 'haircuts' with my Mum's sewing scissors that I liberated from her sewing box!

  4. brill! I still have my teeny tiny tears.. perhaps she is due a makeover & hairwash! lizzie

  5. I had a Tiny Tears and have long regreted her loss....

  6. I still have a couple of these dollies in a big box with dolly clothes knitted by my mum, sadly she passed away three years ago, my daughter's 17 now and I still can't bear to part with them, my excuse is I'm keeping them for the grand girlies.

    Excited to see the next installment in the sweet dollies adventure.
    lily x

  7. I had a tiny tear's as well!! I now have an urge to rummage through the loft boxes to find her!!!

  8. Oh...looking forward to seeing the next episode...
    Susan x

  9. I had these too (gosh we're all the same age!) but alas I gave her a short (and I mean SHORT) and chic crop- no magic makeover could've brought it back to life, even Gok would've recoiled in horror!
    I can still see my lovely mum's face when I went to show her my handiwork!

  10. Another one that rescues dolls! Never seen the doll with the changing face before - how cute.

  11. Tiny Tears with a short back and sides for me too!
    Perhaps we were all pretending to be least it was the doll who got the haircut and not my little brother...
    Julie x

  12. Well we are all entitled to bad hair days from time to time. Mine are plentiful!
    At least these two lasses escaped the dreaded biro.. my poor dollies always ended up being tattooed.
    Michele x

  13. aaaawwww what a sweet post ;-)) That one little doll she did look so sad bless her. I had a tiny tears doll for christmas one year but there was something wrong with her so she had to be sent back and i never saw her again i had waited all year for her as well. So i was very sad then like your little doll. can't wait to see the next episode ;-)) dee x

  14. I have to admit to having a Tiny Tears also...and I've still got her (somewhere)....Oh Dear now I feel old!! I remember cutting my Sindys hair short and then colouring it with felt tip to make her into a punk!!
    Jo xx

  15. I had a tiny tears when I was little, my Mum used to make clothes for her and my Dad made a wardrobe to keep them in. Wish I'd kept them.

  16. Oh how I remember Tiny tears, I don't have one though they look in good condition.
    I pop by to see what you do next Jayne.
    best wishes Julie.C

  17. Another biro girl here......... always ended with a clip round the ear for me. Looking forward to the next instalment/installment.... (having a meno moment and can't remember if it has two "l's" )................

  18. I remember getting 3 dolls one Christmas and my mum and dad keeping one of them back! They were like tiny tears, I think.

    CJ xx