Tuesday, 26 April 2011


From the photo above you might think I'd spent a week in the Med or somewhere even further afield, but no, we spent a week in St Ives in Cornwall - just a few hour's drive from home!

We rented the sweetest cottage just above the main drag so it was tucked away but close to everything too.

This meant lots of uphill walking which was probably a good thing considering the amount of lovely food on offer!

It was just a few minutes walk from the harbour & beach & what a lovely beach it is - golden sands, rock pools, shells to collect.....

Fishing boats....

Lots of cute dogs having fun.....

Rowing boats waiting for the tide to come in....

Illiterate seagulls....

Cute restaurants.....

Winding cobbled streets....

Cath Kidston....

Old church & war memorial....

The road leading down from where we were staying....

Lots of tempting food....

The beach on the other side of the harbour....

The Eden Project....

And finally, the Motley Crew!


  1. Wonderful place, wonderful weather, wonderful holiday - can I come next time......?
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Looks absolutely great. That's the kind of vacation I want.

  3. Thank you for sharing your photo's i love St Ives with all my heart. The very first time i ever went there i felt like i had gone home its such a beautiful magical place. dee x

  4. oh my, oh my what a beautiful scene- those pics could be the med your righty- wow i love st.ives, that beach, the seam
    , those little boats, dreamy delightfulness xxxxx

  5. Great photo's, looks like you had a wonderful holiday. We are going to Cornwall in August can't wait!

  6. Wow what a fantastic week you must have had, looks like you got the best weather too, Lucey xx

  7. Lovely to see your viewpoint of St Ives Jayne and so glad that you struck lucky with the weather during your hols. x

  8. Looks amazing. such lovely photo's and weather. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wonderful photos, looks like you had a great holiday and Cornwall is such a fantastic place... although it took us eight hours in the car to get there! xx

  10. I am so jealous, I adore Cornwall but it's such along way from Norfolk.
    Great photos glad you had a good time.

  11. Absolutely beautiful photos ~ thank you for the tour ~ just lovely!

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    You have won a little price at Me Old China.
    Please forward your address.

  13. Fabulous photos.. and those colours can only be Cornish. True Cornish blue.
    Glad you had such fabulous weather.. it makes all the difference.

  14. Looks and sounds perfect! Such great photo's......