Monday, 23 May 2011

All Quiet & Vintage Finds

At last the carpet is down & there is no more 'clip,clip,thud,clunk' on the stairs. It feels so thick & squishy & luxurious underfoot & we are very pleased with it.

Lucy had to do a bit of stair modelling....

As did Cowboy the rocking horse who is stabled up here....

This bit where the stairs split is one of the dogs favourite places to sleep - they can watch what is going on downstairs & sneakily attempt to trip up anyone walking up or down the stairs!
As you can see Toby blends in quite well so is camouflaged in the dark & can get up to his naughty tricks....

This week I have been working on sorting out & pricing goodies for the V&H Fashion & Textiles Fair which is under two weeks away. I bought myself a rail & got to work on fabrics & tablecloths & a few items of vintage clothing including baby dresses. There is even a pretty blue girdle by Triumph - it is marked Medium but is sooo tiny!

For those of you on Facebook we do have a V&H page where we post updates & news if you'd like to 'like' us!

I also wanted to share a couple of vintage toys that I bought recently. I have collected antique & vintage dolls & toys since I was a child so am always excited to find something new for my collection.

I bought these little Edith Reynolds horses which are in super condition - they were made in the 40's & 50's & were sold through retailers such as Harrods & Hamleys. They are made from calf skin over a wire frame & filled with rubber. You could buy tack & riders for them too. They are a forerunner of the beloved Julip horses of my childhood.

Who could resist this sad looking Panda? He was just crying out to come home with me, so here he is flanked by two doggie friends! Isn't he cute?


  1. The carpet looks lovely Jayne. Sooo looking forward to the V&H Textile & Fashion very busy making and sorting. Love the poor old Panda...I bet he has cheered up now that he has found a lovely home.
    Jo xx

  2. Your dogs look very pleased with the new stair carpet! Love the Panda - he's a card! Abby x

  3. What a sad Panda...
    Thank goodness he has been re-homed.
    Good luck with the V&H textile Fair, lots of hard work but so satisfying too.
    Julie x

  4. Oh that panda is adorable! I wouldn't have been able to resist either! :0)

  5. Your new carpet looks wonderful!! And love all the colour of the fabric hanging on your new rail! Mandy x

  6. There are few things better than a freshly laid carpet! It looks wonderful :)
    I adore the panda too, what a handsome sad-faced chap! x

  7. Oh that poor little panda - he looks so sad! Aren't you just a little tempted to give him a smile?

  8. Dear little horses - I remember a friend had some and I was so envious! Carpet looks good.

  9. Your carpet looks lovely i always love the smell of fresh laid carpet. Love the panda how cute i remember somebody in our family having one similar. And a cute little horse, must be really nice to collect vintage toys i always used to love going to our museum and looking at them all and imagining them as they once were, enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  10. I bet the new carpet feels nice in the morning padding downstairs without socks on :))

    When it was in its heyday I had a mad moment and decided to do the upstairs with that lovely (!!) jute/sisal carpeting.
    Not one of my better moments...very hard-wearing yes, looked fab yes, but like having a footscrub everytime you walked on it :((

    All that remains now is in the bedroom with a VERY large rug over the top!

    Have a good week- thanks for your kind messages re the fair and I hope Dylan and Tamsin enjoyed their jumping (ages ago I know but I seem only now to be caught-up!)

  11. Your dogs look very at home on the new carpet. Love the sad panda :)

  12. It is a lovely feeling to walk on new carpet and I love the smell too.
    The horses are just wonderful. I had some Julip horses when I was little, they were so well made. The detail on the leather tack was amazing and I remember the lovely faces on the riders too.
    I so love your sweet panda, we clearly have the same taste in toys :) x

  13. Well done - you beat me on the carpet laying! I have chosen mine and am taking back the samples and orderng it tomorrow - cant wait for the clomping to be over!

  14. I love the Edith Reynolds horses. It's good to see what they actually look like, having only ever seen rather unclear Ebay photos or contemporary adverts! My dog likes the same bit of the stairs as yours. We call it the labrador command post.