Wednesday, 11 May 2011

All Sorts

I have had rather a busy week or so with one thing & another but I thought it was time I posted a catch up post so you know that I am still around.

The first adventure of the week was another dramatic Chicken Rescue (an idea for a new TV programme perhaps?).
Toby (aka Son of Satan or SoS to his friends) was barking like a crazy dog at the bottom of the garden so I went out to see what all the fuss was about. Yes, you've guessed it, yet another chicken in the pond trying to be a duck. Our house is like Chicken Run in reverse as they try to get in rather than out.

Anyway, I was wondering how I was going to fish her out as she was on the other side of the pond where all the lovely brambles & nettles live when she very calmly SWAM over to me! Who knew that chickens could actually swim?
So, I picked her up & she was a sorry sight - soaking wet, shivering & covered in pond weed.
I wrapped her up in an old sheet to dry her off.

After giving her a rub & a bit of a cuddle we put her into a box with a thick layer of shavings in the bottom & parked her next to a heater for a few hours. We kept her in the house overnight & by the morning she was looking decidedly fluffed up & perky.

We think she was a refugee from the farm who had been living rough since they took the flock away & as I didn't want her being nabbed by a fox or dog I popped her into our chicken pen, much to the consternation of the other ladies. In the evening when it was time for bed she was nowhere to be seen so I thought she had decided to leave us but the next morning she reappeared & has been here ever since - it only took her 2 days to decide to go into the hen house at night.

We have called her Amelia Pond as she is a redhead, was in the pond & disappeared & reappeared (probably in her chicken Tardis). Also, we had been watching Dr Who....

So, here she is - about half the size of our other hens but I bet she'll catch up quick!

Of course the cats couldn't care less....

I popped over to the Gloucester Antiques Centre on Saturday to drop off some new stock including some vintage toys.

I was pleased to see some of my stock (the glassware & scooter) in the outdoor picnic themed window display.

Sunday morning saw all the carpeting being removed from the stairs in preparation for a new carpet - I was surprised to see rather nice wooden stairs & floorboards underneath & contemplated painting them instead, but the "clip, clip, clip" of dog & cat claws & "thump, thump, leap, clunk" of big teenage boy feet is rather annoying so we are sticking with carpet.

Finally, I thought it was time to add some new stock to my online shop which I haven't updated for a while. Items include this unusual Jack Russell ribbon plate...

....cute Pixie cake decoration....

......lovely vintage china terrier.....

.....Rosebud doll.....
(sorry, I'm sold)

.... cat string holder & more.

Of course Michele & I are working on the next V&H Fashion & Textile Fair to be held on the 4th June which necessitated a "breakfast meeting" on Monday - just an excuse to eat bacon rolls & drink lattes really! :-)

PS...just wanted to say sorry to all those that posted a comment that hasn't appeared - it seems Blogger was having issues & lots of the comments have just vanished & I can't retrieve them. Some people's blog posts have also been deleted. This happened on Wednesday & Thursday but they seem to have it sorted out now.


  1. Hope Amelia Pond has settled well now.
    I'm off to look in the shop!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Awwwwww I loved reading your chicken story, I hope she repays your kindness with many eggs xx

  3. I love the chicken story and thats such a brilliant name!
    I nearly did the same as you with our stairs but went for carpet in the end, much quieter!
    Good Luck with your Fayre!
    Rachel x

  4. Our stairs are also bare at the moment, and I was thinking how nice white painted wood would look against the white walls - but snap! my teenage boy insists on wearing slippers that flip up and down as he walks and he never tries to walk quietly! So once the woodwork has all been painted...........carpet it will be for us too!

  5. So glad you have given Amelia a new home.
    I painted my stairs then put a runner down and got our local blacksmith to make some rods, it looks really good and solves the noise problem too. Abby x

  6. Those cats certainly look like they've made themselves at home! Interesting staircase with that v shape splitter stair (not sure that's the technical term but you know what I mean!)

  7. awww what a lovely post. Ans such a beautiful story to how Amelia found you ;-)) Love the photo of your dear cat cuddled up under the duvet bless, dee x

  8. Amelia Pond is very lucky indeedy to find her way in your loving home ;0)x
    doesnt she look the cutest in the warmth of a blankey ;0).
    I love your stairs- they remind me of my childhood home...but they can be noisy with the tip tap of feeties and teenagers! hehe
    My friend told me how the gate had not been catch locked properly on her hen house and all 10 chic's were killed in an instant by Mr Foxy!
    I grew up with a rescue fox as a pet and love them, but i do realise they do kill everything in a pen and not seem to take to eat.
    I love the black teddy doggy in your piccys!

    best wishes, kazzy x

  9. We had a recent chicken rescue too although not quite the same as yours! I know what you mean about needing the carpet on the stairs (dogs, kids) . We have floorboards upstairs and our restless 11 year old dog clip clops throughout the night with his toenails echoing his every step on the floor!

  10. I too, love the chicken story. And, was amazed to learn they can swim.

  11. I'm not a chicken fan at all but I loved that story, so cute and a great name! Looking forwards to seeing your new carpet x

  12. Love the chicken story & the photo of her all wrapped up. I didn't know they could swim either.

  13. I love your chicken story and her swimming to get to you! A friend has a bantam who's bringing up a duck chick and she gets very worried indeed when he goes in his little pond!

  14. love your seconf chuck story this week...I wish I could keep chickens but not much I can do in a flat in north London.....well not yet but when I get that roof terrace......