Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Cat In The Pot - Caption Competition

This little scene really amused me - both Dylan & Dolly (the stable dog) were fascinated by the cat sitting in the plant pot....any suggestions for a caption?
Best caption will win a little prize!
Dylan is very fond of small creatures, whether they be dogs, cats, chickens or little children.

Here he is in working mode last Sunday with Tamzin doing a bit of jumping.


  1. my, doesn't he look lovely- and jumping so beautifully!
    Bruce is also very good actually going over the jumps, we just have mega problems with "the bits in between" and he does seem to think that the fence around the school is also part of the course so it all gets a bit hairy- brings a new dimension to the phrase Hairy Cob!

  2. That's simply gorgeous, all pictures.

    My caption would be "Well, I saw it move, but I'm not sure what it is..." said the horse to the dog!

    I've tweeted this as I love it so much. Hope that was okay.

    CJ xx

  3. Dylan: "I saw him finish off my pony nuts!"
    Dolly: "Ok, games up, you have been caught red pawed"

    Tamzin and Dylan look like they are both having great fun. Poor Spotty has arthritis in his hind legs, so his jumping days are over.
    Abby x

  4. Hi Jayne,
    I think Dolly is saying 'Its surprising what you can grow from seed these days...'
    Dylan seems keen to see anyway! :)

    I wanted to stop-by and thank you for commenting on my recent (long!) blog post. It meant a lot to me and I know that you would be the first to say that 'country cottage chic' is still very much 'in' with those who love vintage style!
    So pleased that the V&H was another success and proves that all the crowds appreciate hand made products. Lovely to see your photos - wish I could have been there.

    All the best with your vintage business too!
    Niki xx

  5. aww what a great post lovely picture. Dylan...."what is do you it a nut? aww go on tell me its a huge juicy nut i love them" Noooo Dylan says...."It is a ball come on help me out with it...its play time" ;-))Have a lovely week, dee x

  6. DYLAN: What do you think of my new magic trick?
    DOLLY: Wow! That's much more impressive than the "Rabbit in the Hat" thing you did last week.
    Hi Jayne!
    I'm finally back in blogland and I've read all the posts I missed. I particularly liked your postings on your dolls, which is one of my hobbies!SueXXX