Friday, 10 June 2011

Happy Birthday Lucy

This cute little "Millennium Baby" is 11 years old today. Who knew when we brought her home that she would be such a wonderful dog - my doggy soul mate.

She truly is the best dog I have ever had & I am honoured that I have the pleasure of sharing her life & having her unconditional love & hope to share it for years to come.

Lucy likes:
Carrying things - toys, slippers, socks, blankets, bones....
Chasing balls & bringing them back
Her bedtime Bonio
Riding in the car
Mud, snow, water, puddles, rain, sunshine fact any weather!
Other dogs, horses, cats
Cheese & strawberries
Lying in front of the fire or Aga or by my feet
Her basket


Lucy dislikes:
People putting things in our letterbox
Vacuum cleaners

"My little dog-- a heartbeat at my feet." -Edith Wharton


  1. Awwwww! She is so lovely - and I bet you tell her that all the time!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Lovely....happy birthday Lucy :)

  3. She's a beauty Jayne....lovely "head" as they say in Crufts!
    Great quote from Edith Wharton too, so appropriate.
    Have a good weekend
    Julie x

  4. What a darling give her a hug from vindutch girl and a happy birthday to you all.

    Greetings Anita

  5. She still has those adorable puppy dog eyes, so hard to resist when she is looking for a treat no doubt! Have a lovely weekend. Abby x

  6. Belated 'Happy Birthday' to Lucy..what a little poppet she is! I couldn't imagine my life without a dog.Hope Lucy got an extra special treat! :0)

  7. Lucy is adorable. Excellent name too (er hem!). And like my namesake, I'm not keen on vacuum cleaners either!

  8. Oh that's so lovely - what a super dog! A good doggy companion is a joy. Carol x

  9. Happy Birthday Lucy! I do understand your feelings about her. A good dog is a most precious blessing in life.

  10. I couldn't agree more. We are blessed too with a dog lent to us by God himself. What a huge blessing in life to know the affection of a good dog. Happy birthday Lucy!

  11. Lucy,
    I want to paint you , do you think your mom would mind?