Sunday, 9 October 2011

Shop Update

It seems like a million years or more ( I exaggerate a little!) since I updated my online shop. I have been so busy with fair organisation & planning as well as stocking my unit at the antique centre & now that Tamzin has returned to university I have Dylan the horse to look after too....I'm pleased to say that his injury is improving & he is allowed out for a few hours a day which makes him very happy!

Anyway, as I recently bought a collection of delightful vintage toys I thought it was time to add some to the 'Second Childhood' section of my shop. I know how much you all like to see vintage goodies so I thought I'd show them to you here.

Above is a sweet handmade donkey & below a cute pup made from silk plush.....

Sweet souvenir sailor boy....

Jolly Jumbo.....

A very surprised looking Dachshund...

Wills the Terrier dog....

Lee the Lion cub.....

Finally, a miniature Morphy Richards iron complete with cord & 'plug' - perfect for dolly's washing day!


  1. Oh my I just had to comment! Seeing the Jolly Sailor on your blog reminded me of the time that my Dad bought my sisters and I one each on the Isle of White Ferry - I was only about 5 at the time, and we were heading for a family holiday on the island - thank you so much for the wonderful memories xx

  2. ha! Bruce with a striped zebra mane- I love that idea!
    How has Dylan lameness recovered now and are you able to ride again?
    Have a good week

  3. I like the donkey. When I was a kid I had the habbit of scanning all the relatives homes for old stuffed toys like this! my favorite was a little cat with big green glass eyes that smelt like baby powder... Lorraine :-}