Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Squash, But No Tomatoes!

This year the only vegetables that have grown well in my veggie garden are courgettes & squash. Everything else has been pathetic including the tomatoes grown in the polytunnel. Usually I have more tomatoes than I know what do with, but not this year. Ditto my cucumbers, peppers, chillis & aubergines. Even my apple tree has only produced 2 apples - one each for the horses! The herbs have done well though.

This Saturday is the annual WI Flower Show at the village hall & I doubt I'll be entering anything this time. Last year there were bumper entries but I think that the fruit & veg classes will be down due to the poor wweather. I have once again been asked to judge the craft categories & am looking forward to seeing the entries.


  1. We know the feeling except even our courgette our non existent . Our late Raspberries are the only thing that have come up to scratch.

  2. Our courgettes have been rubbish this year! Enjoy your bumper crop!


  3. up at the yard, we've grown these squashes on the corner of the muckheap and they've thrived- I think slugs and snails are too trepidatious to cross the warm and gently steaming terrain!

  4. It's dire isn't it? Next to nothing here: no plums, damsons, hardly an apple, beans eaten by deer. The village show was last week and the produce was well down on usual.