Thursday, 13 September 2012

WI Flower Show 2012

Last Saturday was the annual Rangeworthy Women's Institute Flower Show where villagers can show off their gardening & creative skills. Once again I was asked to judge the art & craft categories which is always interesting. Unfortunately, this year the fruit & vegetable entries were way down due to the awful weather we have had & a distinct lack of produce. Still, there were plenty of cakes, preserves, photographs, crafts & children's entries. I took a few photos to show you all - I was rather taken by the Swedish cross stitch picture, the patriotic quilt & the patchwork hen!

The scarves will all be donated to a homeless charity.

Beautifully hand knitted  cardigans.

Jewellery & glass crafts.

Lots of artwork.

Veggie cup cakes!

Little wooden mice made by a 10 year old!

Fruit & veg animals.

Herbs & flowers.


  1. creativity abounds
    must have been jolly hard
    to choose the winners...
    [talking of which please
    feel free to join in on
    my giveaway/link delight]
    x ... ***

  2. Well it looks an excellent turnout to me. The weather has certainly made things difficult in the garden this year, but on the plus side I have still got loads of colour in my garden, much more than previous years.

  3. Such lovely things - especially those hand-knits.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. What a lot of lovely produce! This is just my kind of day out xx

  5. Wow! what wonderful ideas people come up with, especially the cakes with the "veg" and the childrens exhibits.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. Hi Jayne
    What very talented people, I love the patriotic quilt especially.
    Jo xx

  7. What lovely things....I bet it was very hard to judge! :)

  8. oh those cup cakes!
    so much creativity going on everywhere, I know the financial situation has caused much hardship but on the plus side its really made everyone dig a bit deeper and achieve things I'm sure they never thought they'd be able to do (me especially).
    Have a great w.e Jayne- hope the horses are well