Thursday, 25 October 2012

It's Black Cat Day

Did you know that black cats are often overlooked for adoption from animal shelters?

I don't know why as they are rather lovely!
Cats Protection has appointed today Black Cat Awareness Day

We have a black cat - Purdy was adopted from the RSPCA when she was a 10 week old kitten & has been a delight ever since. She is 13 now & is still an ace mouser, purrs a lot & loves a bit of cheese to eat!

Of course Pippa wants to know why there isn't a Tortoiseshell Cat Day!


  1. Hello Jayne, I didn't know that black cats had their own day, thats great, I have heard that black cats are hard to this moment Arthur my black cat is sat practically on my key board, he is the most gorgeous boy :-)
    Your Purdy is Beautiful and Pippa is a beauty too
    I will check out the link and share it on my blog xx

  2. Hi Jayne,
    I read in a cat magazine exactly the same thing, that the black cats are overlooked. It made me so sad. I have a black cat who is 14, he's a bit of a nutter but very affectionate, he has a beautiful coat, too.
    Look forward to seeing you, it won't be long now!
    Hen x

  3. someone told me the black cats are overlooked cos they can't use them in tv ads as the colour doesn't show up, and when people go to the rescue centres they want cats like the silver tabbies and gingers they see on the tv. Now how sad is that!

    We always seem to have mad tortoiseshells, and they've always managed to find us, rather than the other way round!

    Hoping all is well with you and family, and that the horses are well? Hope Dylan is sound?
    Bruce is positively blooming, I hope to do a dressage comp with him soon- hopefully he'll stay within the confines of the arena!

  4. I was listening to a programme about this on the radio yesterday.I always thought black cats were lucky.When we were young it was said if a black cat crossed the road infront of you,good luck would come your way.
    Who could resist your beautiful Purdy..and yes Pippa...there should be! :0)