Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sneak Peek

Today I have been rounding up things that I am taking to the V&H Fair on Saturday - I seem to have things in every room of the house that I have collected together for the fair, so it was time to gather them together in one place & pack them up! So, I thought I'd snap a few photos (bear in mind that I also have a lot more already packed & ready to go!)

My theme for the fair is "Summer Holiday" & this includes picnic, seaside & garden party ideas....think of a vintage holiday by the sea with buckets & spades, books to read & games to play, vintage china for afternoon teas, picnic hampers for country picnics & pretty souvenirs to take home.....

A vintage eiderdown, Ladybird, Enid Blyton & Beatrix Potter books for relaxing & reading in the garden...

My handmade recycled envelopes to send a letter home...don't you just love those retro owls?

A selection of ephemera - child education pictures & posters from the 30's. 40's & 50's to decorate the walls & scrapbooks.....

A box full of goodies including a Chad Valley bear, a Pedigree pony & a charming thatched cottage print...

Nelly the Elephant & Molly the Dog...

Added to this small selection I have tins, cups & saucers, vases, tea pots, plates, jugs, glasses, vintage scraps, sewing supplies, tea cosies, aprons, picnic hampers, vintage toys, games & much more!

I'm beginning to think that I won't have enough space for everything!

PS: In answer to Josie's question - the red polka dot things are gorgeously retro windmills to adorn your sand castles!


  1. What wonderful goodies!
    I love the envelopes and posters and how my little man would love Molly the Dog.
    Hope it all goes well, would love to be there and have a rummage through your goodies.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. Oh, I know you don't mean to depress those who can't come, but it's beginning to have that effect! Your stock looks wonderful - so well chosen for your theme, and so varied. Have a fantastic and successful time!

  3. Those owl envelopes are FAB! Any chance of reserving one?

    It looks like I'll be abandoning the books and coming for a browse on Saturday and Mr.P wants to come along for a slice of cake. Spoke to my parents and they said "forget revision, get out of the house and we'll pay for the train tickets" it would be rude not to take them up on their offer ;-)

    Can't wait! Judging by this post it's going to be a great fair!

    p.s. sorry if you've got 2 comments- Google went a bit mad when I tried to send the first one!

  4. It looks fab, Jayne, so glad I will be afforded a bird's eye view! The owl envelopes are a must!
    Hen x

  5. It all looks very exciting ... looking forward to meeting you on Sat. XX

  6. Hello, I'm new to your blog and I like it! I'm sorry to hear what happened with Blogger - good luck with the new one!

  7. Thanks for your commment, I hope I'm feeling better by saturday..... I haven't visited you before but after seeing this post I'll be saying hello on saturday. What's the red spotty thing in the bag???...... love red spots!! :)

  8. What a teaser! Oh how I wish I could come! Don't forget to take pictures when your booth is set but the sale hasn't started yet. Good luck on selling and have a lot of fun at the fair!

  9. What wonderful stock,can't wait.The owl envelopes look gorgeous!
    See you there!
    Rachel x