Friday, 29 May 2009

Sweet Treats

Today Miss Cottage & I have been immersed in flour & sugar, butter & eggs, chocolate & icing sugar as we prepare baked goods for the Vintage Tearoom at the Vintage & Handmade Fair tomorrow.
We made the cup cakes above (iced by Miss C)


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Scones, which will be served with jam & cream

All our stall holders are probably in the same state today so we can offer you oodles of delectable treats to eat along with a cup of tea or coffee.
My lovely daughter & her beau are giving up their Saturdaay to take charge of the kitchen & will be at your service tomorrow serving teas & cakes.

I know many of you won't be able to come & will miss all the fun, but I do have a little treat for you too - Mr Cottage has agreed to be our "official" photographer, so will be taking photos during the day. He has promised to pop home now & again & post some photos on the V&H blog so you can perhaps imagine you are there & see all the lovely stalls & goodies on offer. So, if you'd like to join us in spirit do check on the blog during the day.

I'm sure everyone will blog about it afterwards too.

So, we still have the car to pack & that's about it - pizza for supper tonight I think!
I'm so looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


  1. Can't wait to see the piccies and perhaps you can save me a slice of that tiffin!
    Hope it all goes well,
    have a great day.
    Beki xxx

  2. Best of luck with your annual fair Miss Jayne!
    It all looks delicious!

  3. Oh so organised Jayne. Well done! See you bright and early!

  4. I love Tiffin, could you pop some in the post for me ? :-) good luck for Saturday ladies.

  5. Looks good! I'm bringing Mr Fixit along for the ride and he has a VERY sweet tooth so I guess that he might become a tea-room fixture:)

  6. Great idea Jayne to make a blogging hot line! I will be watching the photos as soon as I can, thanks in advance. Have a magnificient day!

  7. Squeeeeeeeeeeee! the noise of excitement I will be making on the train tomorrow morning :-) what I will be saying as I enjoy my sweet treat!
    Can't wait! I may have to have one of everything!

    p.s. Miss Cottage's sewing is FANTASTIC! I'm not surprised she's going to do textiles, it would be a wast of talent if she didn't!

  8. Oh so now you are really torturing me! I would like the tea time cup and saucer one please! Sooooo pretty. And a large lump of tiffin - I love tiffin! Very cold with orange squash as an accompaniment. Makes me feel 10 again! Wonderful!
    Now, when are you planning to sleep? Are you planning to sleep? I have no idea where you get the energy! I shall certainly be checking in to pretend- hurrah for Mr Cottage! Good luck t.xx

  9. HAve I mentioned that I LOvE your new header? NO? "Jayne"
    "yes T?"
    "I LOVE your new header!"
    There. That's done at last!

  10. See you tomorrow Jayne.

    Well done and thank you to both you and Michele on all your hard work...

    Niki x

  11. Jayne, it was lovely to meet you and the fair was brilliant! I spent a fortune but it was fun!

    Cakes were great too

    April xx

  12. We sampled your wares at the Vintage and Handmade Fair yesterday and have to say they were delicious. Thanks. We had an absolutely fabulous day. Will post my purchases later.