Monday, 20 July 2009

Bountiful Harvest

Not so long ago I was posting about creating a new raised bed for vegetables (see post for comparison) & two short months later both vegetable plots are full to bursting & we are picking lots of vegetables.
As you can see, we are not of the Straight Rows School of Gardening!
Oh no! We just pop everything in & let it get on with the job of growing & providing fruit & veg for the kitchen. The beans are even growing up the sunflowers!

Inside the polytunnel the tomatoes are doing their best to reach the roof & have little fruits already. In fact they have grown even more since I took this photo a few days ago.

We've had a number of cucumbers off this plant already.

Here are today's pickings - fresh from the garden & straight to the kitchen & later to the plate.

I like to try different vegetables so often buy seeds for black beans or striped tomatoes just to see how they turn out.

As you can see, you don't need a very big space to grow quite a big variety of vegetables & be self sufficient all summer long!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! Yours is doing so much better than mine this year - our weather has been dumping way too much rain and the poor plants hardly have time to dry out. Why are your tomatoes in the polytunnel? Doesn't it get really hot in there, or maybe not? I keep forgeting if England is further north than we are in Virginia.

  2. Wow they look fantastic....I must try this next year.

  3. You've done well!
    Hope you get as much pleasure from eating it as you did from growing it!

  4. Mmmm, there is nothing better than fresh vegetables!

  5. Great harvest Jayne, I love the throw it together look. My neighbour offered to come over to help tidy mine up, how rude!!! He won't complain when he gets ruuner beans on his door step :)
    Thank for the courgette tip, I'm going out now to do that, last year the flowers dropped off so I wondered if that was the problem.

  6. Mouthwatering! I don't go for straight lines either, love a rambling/scrambling look.x

  7. Wow your veg garden is looking wonderful! Nothing like the taste of homegrown veg, enjoy your harvest

  8. Well done Jayne!! It all looks delicious. My kind of gardening, just put it anywhere and hope for the best.

    Jo xx

  9. Your veg garden is looking great, enjoy your harvest

  10. Hi Jayne,
    How great it must be to harvest from our own garden. I cannot wait til we move so we will have our own space to do the same, specially for the little one's meals. Enjoy your veg as they look terrific!

  11. Hi, Love the garden pics. To use one of my brother's great expressions ... It all looks to be in 'rude health' ... sort of sums up the OTT vigour of it all.
    Lesley X

  12. I love your sunflowers and your vegetables are very impressive. We have just started picking our courgettes. The black beans look amazing, I would love to know what they taste like.