Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A Perfect Party!

One of the joys of having an online shop is the contact that you get with like-minded people from all over the world. Some people buy their item, I post it & that's it. But others send lovely emails once the item has been received & some of them come back to shop again or keep up a friendly correspondence.

One such customer is Tammy from the USA - she purchased a selection of vintage china cups & saucers from me a little while ago as she was planning a tea party for her sweet daughter's 3rd birthday.

This week she sent me some lovely photos of the event that looked as if they were straight out of a magazine. I knew all you bloggers would love these photos too, I asked Tammy for permission to post them on my blog & she kindly agreed.

So, here are the photos of a superb tea party - I'm sure you will all be impressed with the gorgeous girls & the very smart "butler"!!


  1. Oh that's too cute. Makes me want a daughter!
    Hen x

  2. How lovely is that?!
    It must be great to see that your 'goodies' have gone to such a wonderful home!

  3. I LOVE IT!!! It's strange in this day and time to see little girls dressing and acting like little girls. This is perfect. Thanks to Tammy and you for sharing.

  4. How cute..I love the little one with the beads!

  5. what a fab little tea party.. such a lovely idea ..

  6. SQUEAL!!!!! Oh I love it - why can't I be as imaginative with my girl's parties! They are so adorable - how wonderful!!!

    Right - I am off to persuade middle DD that this is what she wants for her birthday in August.


  7. wow, i bet the girls loved that!

  8. The young lady with all the beads is absolutely fabulous, darling!

  9. What a delightful party! How fun to know your tea cups were a pretty part! Sometimes I wish my kiddos were little and we could do parties like this again!

  10. That's the sweetest ever!!!!!! Love it!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  11. Oh Jayne, how perffectly wonderful she looks with all her company!!! They could be having High Tea at the Hilton...thanks so much for sharing this with us...this is magic!

  12. Oh to be so elegant at three years of age.. I was wearing dungarees and covered in dirt .. not one of these refined young lasses...
    Gorgeous photos...

    Michele x

    P.s Thanks for your lovely company today xx

  13. The little one covered in a zillion beads is what being very little is all about. I wish someone would sort that kind of party out for me too.

    Lisa x

  14. Oh my goodness what lovely pictures I love the first one it is perfect.
    As I have been out of blog land for a while I am off to catch up with your news.

  15. Thats so adorable Jayne, and lovely for you to see your vintage cups and saucers being put to such good use by such careful and elegant young ladies!

    My girls at that age were having bouncy castle parties...I never would have been able to get them to sit still for two minutes...paper cups were were a necessity!!

    Niki x

  16. What a wonderful party, I wish I was there, don't you ;)


  17. How wonderful, the little girls are loving it, especially the one holding her tea cup so carefully!Love the one with the beads too! Priceless!I see you had a lovely lunch with your good frind Mrs Custard too!
    Rachel x

  18. Why didn't I have parties like that for my kids? My imagination could only run to a bouncy castle.

    Jo x

  19. I would love to have such a tea. Wearing my hat and all my beautiful necklaces at once. Ohhhh what a party!
    Have a nice weekend!

  20. Now that looks like one fantastic tea party!

    Victoria xx

  21. That's the most fabulous set of party photos I've seen in a long time! So sweet and great to see them all enjoying the delights of a vintage-inspired occasion! Katie x

  22. Isn't that so sweet? I agree with you about how different customers are. Some I have made as friends just through them ordering through the website and we regularly email each other. Others order over and over yet there is no communication at all. It's so nice when they email and say how delighted they are with what they've bought isn't it?

  23. Heavens to Murgatroyd, these are priceless! Wonderful memories of a never-to-be-forgotten birthday tea party. Thank you for sharing these adorable pictures.

    Marion, UK