Thursday, 18 February 2010

Make Do & Mend

Yesterday Mr Cottage, Miss Cottage & I visited the "Make Do & Mend" exhibition at The Museum In The Park in Stroud. It is well worth a visit if you are nearby.
The giant red coat forms the doorway where you enter.

Inspired by the local textile heritage of the Stroud valleys, this installation focuses on the themes of weavers and weaving, woollen mills, the use of Stroud Scarlet cloth for military uniforms, women working in industry during wartime, and the ethos of 'make do and mend'. These thematic threads are brought together by the seven artists into a unified world of images and ideas which the audience is invited to explore.

The seven artists are: Liz Lippiatt, Kathryn Clarke, Jenny Bic√Ęt, Anne Rogers, Sarah Cant, Sarah Cooke, Corinne Hockley.

We asked permission to take photos, so here they are for your viewing pleasure!
Click on the photos for larger images.

Miss C trying out the giant knitting.

I love this cupboard.

The "skirt" of this dress is made from a parachute!


  1. What fabulous stuff!!! Looks like you had a great tiem!!

  2. What a wonderful exhibition! I love the 'mended' Union Flag. Thanks so much for sharing the photos as Stroud is a bit too far away for me! Rebecca x

  3. i love the exhibition- what a wonderful treat for you all!- looks amazingly fab- miss all that kinda inspiration from the craft centre in london- i wish my local art centre would do more crafty-arty goodies than still life hehe x thanks for the lovely photography jayne x

  4. Wow that looks like a fantastic exhibition, I love the doorway with the giant coat, how spectacular!!

  5. it is a fab exhibition. they usually do something for the stroud textile festival.
    you could have stopped in for a cuppa and a cake at hardaker and pope!next time you are up here feel free!

  6. That is just my sort of place to visit!
    I'd love that sewing cupboard !

  7. That looks really interesting - shame its a little far from me!

  8. That looks a really facinating exhibition - just wish it was closer.

  9. What a wonderful exhibition.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos for those of us too far away.

  10. It looks like an amazing exhibition.... I would really like to see it! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos! x

  11. Now that looks like a good exhibition, thank you for sharing it x

  12. That all looks wonderful Jayne, thank you for sharing. Lizzie x

  13. Hi Jayne, I love the patch worked Union flag!
    Yes please do bring some advertising on Sunday,I will be happy to display it for you.

  14. Hi Jayne thank you for shairing those pictures, very interesting, it looks well worth a visit. Julie.C

  15. wow it looks fantastic, thanks for sharing
    twiggy x

  16. How amazing! those flag's look fantastic!!
    Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful photos.
    Bridie x