Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Garden Creatures

I found this rather interesting looking creature in the polytunnel today - it is a lovely pink & green colour & I have identified it as an Elephant Hawk-Moth. After taking it's photo I gently evicted it as I don't want it laying eggs on my veg! Apparently they enjoy the nectar of honeysuckles which is probably what attracted it as we have a large old honeysuckle by the back door.

As for this creature ....he was caught red-pawed stealing strawberries!!

If you click on the photo to enlarge it you can just see the strawberry between his teeth!


  1. What a cheeky dog, Josh always steals the blueberries off my blueberry bush
    Ann x

  2. Wow that moth is beautiful, i've never seen one like that before!!

    My doggy likes to pinch the odd strawberry or 2 as well...silly doggies ;)

  3. One cheeky four legged friend with excellent taste! Perhaps he was trying to help by picking them for you but just didn't have a punnet to put them in.....!
    I have only ever seen the caterpillar of the Elephant Moth, never the moth itself so thank you for showing?
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. I had the caterpillar of one of those moths last year..... a rather big one! What a beautiful moth. I would love to see one. We are suffering terribly with blackbirds and jays eating our fruit..... That little dog is soooo cute

  5. Love these pics Jayne - the moth is so vibrant and as for Toby, well he can be forgiven almost anything I reckon!

  6. Oooh a shabby chic moth! I can't believe the dog eating strawberries, what a cracking photograph!! xx

  7. Cheeky monkey!!!!!
    That moth is amazing :) x

  8. Naughty pup! My dog likes picking blackberries - a habit which I'm ashamed to admit we started off encouraging, cos we thought it was cute (rod for your own back and all that)! The moth is amazing - I'm going to try and get that colour combo next on my crochet stripe granny blanket.

  9. Aww can't blame him for wanting a strawb.

  10. Hi Jayne, followed your blog for a while now but have never left a comment.
    That moth is amazing,what lovely colours, I've never seen one before, and what a cheeky dog!!
    Love the colours of your cottage too.
    Good luck to you all for the weekend, I'm sure the fair will be another great success.
    Look forward to seeing the photos.
    Linda O

  11. Not too keen on moths,but that one is beautiful...lovely colouring.I wish Bella would eat something as healthy as a strawberry...she picks up the most revolting things and eats them...yuk!
    Good luck with the fair...the weather's looking good!

    Bellaboo ;0)

  12. That moth has beautiful colors !
    And that other creature ... your dog is soo cute !
    Nice evening,

  13. Beautiful flora and fauna.. and particularly love the strawberry nicker!!

    Michele x

  14. Lovely pics, makes me miss my old polytunnel so much! We used to have a resident toad in ours. Good luck with the fair, wish i was coming!x

  15. That is the most beautiful moth I have ever seen!! And as for the strawberry eating dog... LOL!!! Who knew that dogs liked fruit?

  16. Wow that is a pretty moth! Pink and green.. more like a butterfly! My dogs are garden thieves too... they love bell peppers, and will grab and dash breaking the whole plant if you don't keep an eye on them!