Thursday, 3 June 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

With a lot of hard work!

Here are the baby vegetable plants that I nurtured in my kitchen during the cold "spring" months which eventually could be potted up & moved into the polytunnel to grown on a bit.

Here they are today - almost ready!

Today Tamzin & I were out in the garden nice & early & worked out there all day except for an hour of "Active Fitball" at the Leisure Centre (I'm going to be stiff tomorrow) & a quick bite of lunch.

The patio was swept, the weeds removed & the pots filled up with compost. The terracotta pot on the wirework stand are awaiting some colourful geraniums.

This is my old peg basket which now has a hole underneath so I'm going to reinvent it as a hanging basket - I'll have to show you what it looks like planted up later.

Some of my galvanised bath tubs which I use as planters.

Of course no gardening session is complete without a break for a drink served from a vintage jug with an African beadwork cover.....

Note the "vintage" 80's leopard print scarf which was mine way back then...

Come back on and back to work.....

It took us quite some time to construct this "cage" to keep the birds off of the strawberries!Yes, they really are that big - they've done so well this year.

The polytunnel had become a dumping ground & hidey hole for homeless spiders over the winter, so all the junk had to be removed, the long grass pulled up & spiders & snails evicted.
With the addition of homemade compost in the beds it's ready for vegetable plants - the cucumbers were the first to go in.

After all that it was time to stop & smell the roses....

The feathery girls on the other hand weren't too impressed with the heat so retreated into the shade for a siesta!

From left to right....Tinkerbell, Hermione, Nutmeg & Henrietta.

I think we are going to sleep well tonight!


  1. All that hard work paid off- jayne you have such a beautiful garden ;0)xx enjoy xx
    we are having alfresco dinner tonight as the suns been heavenly all day x

  2. It all looks fabulous...I didn't realise that you were both gardeners as well !! Put your feet up tomorrow!! ;-)

  3. Now I'm jealous! Fruit and Veg and no birds slugs or snails in sight!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Oh,you have been working hard.It's so rewarding though when everything starts blooming!You better both have a long hot soak in the bath.
    Love the wirework holder and that's a great idea for recycling your basket.Will look forward to seeing the finished result!

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. Your garden looks absolutely fabulous! I always ache after a day's gardening but the reward is soooo worth it!


  6. Your garden is looking fab! Mine looks more and more like a jungle every day :( *note to self - must pull my finger out ;) Lovely blog.

  7. I've never seen strawberry plants that big in my life! Beautiful!

  8. Ooo you put me to shame today. All i did was lounge in the sun watching my grandson in his paddling pool! Did make up for it tonight though and did penance ironing.
    Your strawberries look amazing, hope they produce as well as they look!

  9. It all looks lovely :)

    Am glad to see I'm not the only one with a homemade strawberry cage ;)

  10. Your garden is a delight. :) xx

  11. What perfect gardening weather we are having - your garden is looking good!

  12. What lovely chickens - and great names too! Can't wait to see how the basket turns out - I might have to copy that idea (if you don't mind?!).

  13. You have a wonderful garden. Those strawberry plants are amazing and I love the chickens. It must be great to have fresh eggs and homegrown veggies. And you weren't kidding about the amount of work involved - it shows.

  14. lovely garden and you are so lucky to have your own hens what sweet names you have given them