Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Toby Is Four

Little known facts about Toby.....

1: Four years ago today little Toby was born. He had a rather traumatic start in life as his mummy died. He & his brothers & sisters were taken in by the Bath Cats & Dogs Home & were hand reared which is obviously why he loves people so much. Both his parents were Jack Russells & the rest of the litter were black & white but he has a more unusual brindle coat.
Luckily for us the home decided that we were the perfect new family for an orphan puppy. The photo above was taken at the home the first time we met - who could resist that worried little face? He was known there as "Clinton" but we changed his name.

2: Toby is short for Toblerone, not Tobias!

3: His big sister is Lucy who had been an only dog for 6 years, but as she has a kind nature she welcomed the new addition & even let him snuggle up & share her basket so he wouldn't miss his sisters & brothers.

4: Toby dreams of being an agility dog - look at him fly!

5: His hobbies include sleeping....

...warming his bum on the Aga....

....going for country walks....

.......and sleeping!

6: He is in love with Pippa the cat!

7: He is an accomplished pickpocket who could give The Artful Dodger a run for his money.
His loot is usually tissues!

8: His favourite foods include bacon, carrots & chocolate which he will do his best to get hold of, so we have to keep it well out of his way as we all know that chocolate isn't good for dogs.

Happy Birthday Toby!


  1. Happy Birthday Toby!!! Gorgeous pictures.


  2. Aww, he's so sweet. He's obviously made himself at home!
    Hen x

  3. Happy Birthday Toby :)

    Hope you don't mind your Mummy telling the world you love a cat ;)!!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet Toby.You are adorable!

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. Happy Birthday Toby. He obviously found his perfect home with you. He looks so happy. Great pictures.

  6. Happy birthday Toby, have a great day xxx

  7. Awwwwwwwwww happy birthday Toblerone.

    Lucy brought a tear to my eye, she's a dead ringer for my beloved springer who I still miss like crazy :-((

  8. Aww so sweet!! Happy Birthday Toby!!

  9. Awwwww! Happy Birthday Toby - toby you are beautiful!
    Julie xxxxx

  10. Happy Birthday Toby, you have such a sweet face! (So does Lucy of course, but then all Springers do)

  11. Happy Birthday Toby...they both look very contented.

  12. Happy 4th Birthday Toby!! I like your sleeping hobby.. Carol

  13. Oh my gosh I remember when you got him! 4 years already? He has really turned into a wonderful doggy! Happy Birthday Toby!

  14. Happy Birthday Toby !
    Oh Jayne, he's so cute and Lucy too, so cosy together !
    Lovely pictures !
    Nice evening,

  15. Ok, give me that dog! What a cutie. I love your pics of the two of them and Toby "sweeping" , of course that is how I say "sleeping" to my dogs :)

  16. Oh, Toby You are just my kind of doglet.Happy birthday, sweetie xxxxx

  17. Happy Birthday Toby, he is such a cutie and looks like a real character.
    Ann x

  18. I love this post! Toby was adorable from the word go!

  19. Happy Birthday, Young Master Toblerone!

  20. Miss P loved this post. She lovesw dogs and finds Toby a real cutie! Even though I am a cat person, I confess to agreeing with her.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  21. He is just beautiful, loved reading about him!

  22. Oh dear.. rather belated birthday wishes to Toby.No wonder he has a passion for chocolate being named after a superior bar of choc.
    Hope he didn't eat the candles on his cake!

    Michele x