Thursday, 30 September 2010

Gloucester Antiques Centre

I have been to the antiques centre again this week with some new stock & took a few photos to show you all - I had a bit of fun tweaking them using the online photo editor "Picnik" which is a great way to waste a bit of time!

The ottoman still has it's original rose design fabric on the lid which is nice to see - a very useful item!

A display with a bit of a Royal theme....

Pretty tea time china & glass....

Dolls, toys, tins, games etc...


  1. It just looks beautiful Jayne!

  2. Your displays are lovely - I saw them in the flesh a few weeks ago when I visited the Centre, and that ottoman brings back a few childhood memories for me.

    P.S. Thanks for the Picnik link too - I think I'll give that a go as it looks fun.

  3. It al looks lovely, the dog on the ottoman is identical to one I have although I think mine is a little more thread bare. He is a nightdress case so I am guessing yours is probably the same. I love your display of tea time china.

    Ann x

  4. I see you found another black beauty, well done.
    T X

  5. What a lovely variety of treasures there Jayne...something for everyone! :o)

  6. Hello Jayne,
    how many beautiful things in the spring are
    coming to the fair in Chipping Sodbury and
    I bought from you of tin cans,
    beautiful! I always follow your blog.
    Come see me.
    Congratulations Susy

  7. Gloucester Antique Centre is one of my favourites and one that I am always willing to travel to as it is miles away from where we live. Will look out for your shop next time I am in there.

  8. looks so lovely!
    am off to play with the photo link
    :) may soon turn to :( if I can't do it!!

  9. I think this is place I would like to visit when I am next in your area! What brilliant finds, don't you find you can get totally absorbed with photos playing around with them, yesterday I spent hours with Photoshop and I am still none the wiser!!
    love Jill

  10. Ooh loving those pics! So lovely. Must give that photo editor a go though may have to call in reinforcements ;)

    Sorry I've not been by in so long, I will check out your shop now!

    Mel xxx

  11. Your displays are well thought out, you have made everything look interesting. best wishes Julie.C