Thursday, 14 October 2010

Bad Blogger!

I have been rather lax about blogging recently but my excuse is that now that Tamzin has returned to uni my workload increases as I have to care for & ride her beloved Dylan so that he remains in the tip-top shape he is right now. He has had a clip for the winter & looks terribly smart, but has to wear his rugs now.

Anyhow, I had a traumatic morning - I went to the dentist for a replacement filling & ended up having the tooth out! The dentist tried to replace the cracked filling but the nerve was exposed & I could feel it even with the anaesthetic which meant it couldn't be filled. As it was a wisdom tooth right at the back & I didn't actually use it for chewing I suppose I won't miss it.
Wasn't painful as it was frozen but I could feel the tugging & twisting - ewww!

Bit of a shock though as I wasn't expecting it!

I cheered myself up by going to the hairdresser for a tidy up, buying chocolate & the November issue of Collect It magazine where The Vintage & Handmade Fair has a lovely mention on the events page - yippee!

If you click on the image it should enlarge so you can read it - of course this makes me realise that it's not that long until the big day!


  1. Ohh made me shiver hearing about your dentist trip, hope you feel better now. Christmas goodness it really isn't far away seems to get nearer each year. Dee x

  2. Oh, sorry about the tooth - that happened to me a little while ago, it was quite a shock as I wasn't expecting it. Definitely becoming rug wearing weather for horses even though we have had a bit of sun.

  3. Ouch - I've had 2 wisdom teeth removed - can remember one of them particularly clearly. Hope you feel ok in the morning and not too sore.

    The other 2 have retreated into my gums and hopefully will never attempt to break through!

  4. Poor you - what an unpleasant surprise. So glad that there was consolation to hand Jayne and hope that you'll soon be feeling much better, Lesley.

  5. I had exactly the sme thing happen to me - horrible, hope you are feeling less shell shocked. Mind you the chocolate probably helped to numb the pain.

  6. more cake it's good for you.....Well done on the ad, the time will whizz by.
    T X

  7. Ouch! So sorry about your tooth.At least it was a wisdom and not one near the front!
    Nothing like a trip to the hairdressers to make you feel better.
    Have a lovely weekend. :o)

  8. Nasty wisdom teeth - who needs 'em? I hope you feel better without it.
    Gorgeous x

  9. Poor you, I hate the dentist!
    Well done on the write up, wish I could come but Christmas is a busy time for me at work :(

  10. Ooch, bad luck on the tooth - that sounds rather horrible, but fabulous news about the advert - how I wish I could be there but it's my little one's party that day. Perhaps I'll try and get over next year.

  11. I hate going to the dentist!
    Lovely write-up I'm going to try and get to one of your fairs too......
    Julie xxxxx

  12. Oohh sorry to hear about your horrid trip to the dentist! eek!
    Oohh fab news about the magazine & loving the new look here.

  13. So sorry to hear about your horrible trip to the dentist, it is always a bit of a shock when more needs doing than you first thought, I remember a trip to the dentist not so long ago when I thought I was only going for a filling and ended up having a root canal done - YUK!! Fantastic news that you are in the magazine. I would love to go on your waiting list to do the Vintage and Handmade fair when you have a space.
    Jo xx

  14. Good news about the magazine you must be pleased. Not so good for your tooth,I know just how you feel.
    Thank you for you kind comment on my blog. best wishes Julie.C