Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fleamarket Fun

 On Sunday (the first dry Sunday in ages) Mr C & I sent off for the Shepton Mallet Fleamarket. It was huge! I think that the dealers were out in force as we finally had a dry day. It took us hours to walk around ...with a tea & doughnut break of course! My favourite stall was this one where the dealer had a veritable army of push along doggies & other beasties - I have never seen so many together - quite a treat! I did take one home of course...a little mohair doggy, but I did rather fancy the white plastic poodle as well.

The ride on HP sauce bottle ticked our fancy too.

There was so much to see but we only took a few photos.
Christmas in July....

A wagon full of wooden sleighs, carts, skis & much more - I thought a little cart would look rather fetching in the garden.

The crowds of eager shoppers indoors....

 I was quite selective in my purchases which included some china & glass as well as a lovely little sewing machine in it's original carry case.

I do hope we keep on having dry Sundays now!


  1. wow... look at all those dogs!!! :)

  2. isn' it funny how the more stock there is on offer the more selective we become with our purchases? I've always wished I had pots of ££s in the summer when its a veritable feast and then when I'm desperate for stock in the winter when selling gets really busy for me, I'd have it ready at hand.
    Your photo looked like Battersea Dogs Home had a clear out!!

  3. Another place to go to - I will add it to the list!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. It looks fabulous ... love the dogs and sledges! Hope it stays fine for you ... Claire xxx

  5. This is my favourite flea market! I'm so sorry to miss it this time. I'm glad you had such an enjoyable day! Jane xx