Tuesday, 3 July 2012

It has been a busy month!

Hello dear readers! It has been quite some time since I last wrote but immediately after the V&H Fair in May I was winging my way over to South Africa to help my mum move house. I'm pleased to say that everything went smoothly and it was lovely to spend time with family & friends over there.

The week after I arrived home my sister & family arrived here for a visit & we had a great time together. This was followed by Tamzin's exhibition at New Designers where a lot of fabulous new talent was on show.

The very next day we had the excitement of Tamzin's graduation at the beautiful Wimbourne Minster in Dorset. It was certainly a proud moment to see her being awarded a first class degree - well earned after 3 years of hard work! I must admit to feeling rather teary eyed when the bells pealed out as the graduates left the building.

It was a rainy day but the sun appeared at just the right time!

Finally, on Sunday Devin was suited up for his prom....the boys & girls all looked so very smart in their finery!

 This week things should start settling down so hopefully I will be able to spend some time back in Blogland with you all.


  1. Welcome back..and what a lovely time you've had and lots of reasons to celebrate too! :0)

  2. Lovely pictures, you mus be a proud Mummy! Great to have you back, Claire xxx

  3. Welcome back.
    What a lovely family.
    Hope your mum settled well.
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Many congratulations to your daughter on her First Class degree! A day to be proud of! Lovely photos!