Monday, 30 July 2012


Dylan & I are very excited to watch the second phase of the Olympic equestrian eventing. After the dressage phase yesterday Team GB are starting in 3rd place for the cross country today. Cross country & show jumping are their strengths, so let's hope they move up the ranking.
Dylan will be willing them on & telling them how it should be done....

Which sport is your favourite to watch?


  1. Really enjoying the Olympics too, particularly the swimming. We loved the opening ceremony. Hope all is well with you?
    Jo xx

  2. All the horse ones, of course - though it isn't entirely satisfactory with our slow broadband speed. Wish we could get cable or sky just for this . I'm sure Dylan is an expert judge.

  3. I have a friend who is at Greenwich today, to watch the Cross Country. What an experience!

    I`m not really a sporty person but I enjoy the equestrian events and watching the amazing skills of the gymnasts too.

  4. Brilliant photo!! Love it!!

  5. Oh I love the Olympics. I watch anything that I can. :)

  6. I love Dylan, what a great photo!