Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Come into my parlour....

...for some tea & cake! I haven't done much on the domestic front for the past 6 weeks or so due to brokenfingeritis, but now that the splint is off I can do more. I haven't baked a cake for ages so I thought I'd whip up a coffee cake for afternoon tea.
The Boy loves his cup of tea when he gets home from school & of course you have to eat something with it after all those hours of using your brain & learning things!
I like to see a cake in my glass cake stand with dome - it just looks so very civilised don't you think?

So, perhaps you'd like to join me for a slice while I tell you a bit of my latest news?

As you know, I have an online shop which Mr Cottage created - he did a great job but the shopping cart software that we had wasn't brilliant so he decided to do it all again & has been working on it for the past couple of weeks - he calls it his "second job"!
It all looks very nice now - a bit different from before with a few new & improved features such as multiple photos, a search box & a mailing list.

One of the things I have been working on are my new range of Coronation Candles - these are natural soya wax candles made in vintage Coronation & Jubilee cups & mugs - some are genuine antiques dating back to 1902. You can find them here

As an introduction to my new shop I am having a giveaway - everyone who has joined or joins my mailing list (on the home page) this month will be entered into a draw for the Coronation Candle of their choice.

I thought I'd just offer you a peek of some of the new goodies on offer......

Vintage Easter tin

Gorgeous pyjama case Boudoir Doll

Vintage Easter cards

Sweet little beaded velvet evening bag

Harlequin egg cups

Hope you've enjoyed your cake & will pop into the shop for a browse!


  1. Thank you for the cake, it was delicious!!! Glad you made it, in spite of your broken finger!!!

  2. Thanks for the delicious cake.. and I will have a browse later.Oooh,some very nice lovelies there for your giveaway!

    Bellaboo :o)

  3. Lovely things! Cake looks delish!

  4. The cake looks yummy, altho I don't like coffee so I'll just pretend it is chocolate. Now it's making me hungry lol.

  5. yummo, loved the cake and it was so great to visit with you today!

  6. How the cake in the giveaway looks delicious!!I will pop over to your new shop asap. Good luck with it all

  7. ahh, i love a home where coffee cakes are just "whipped up" on the spur of the moment! i remember the days when I was little and would walk in the house after school and could smell that my mother had been baking or had "whipped up" a batch of steamed chocolate pudding YUM.

    you're a good mom, miss jayne!

  8. Oh, the cake looks delicious! And I love your cake stand. Great stock in your shop, I may have to treat myself to something.:) xxx

  9. Hmmmm thanks for that, filled me up nicely! X

  10. Hi Jayne,
    Thank you for the cake! I love your cake stand and dome. Really lovely. All the goodies are wonderful!

  11. Hi Jayne
    There is an Award for you to pick up on my blog.
    Take care
    Bridie x

  12. Jayne,
    The cake looks yummy!

  13. That chocolate cake looks delicious - perfect to enjoy with a nice cup of tea. I really like your Coronation candles.