Monday, 1 March 2010

Has Spring Arrived?

What a lovely sunny day we are enjoying today! It really lifts the spirits & for the first time in months it was actually enjoyable wandering down the garden to feed the chickens with scraps of bread & leftover pasta. Lots of daffodils are pushing their way upwards too so maybe spring is finally on it's way!

Speaking of spring - aren't the colours on this glassware Springy & Eastery?

Yesterday afternoon our village committee organised an afternoon tea at the village hall in aid of Arthritis Research - lots of people baked cakes & made sandwiches, the tables were decorated with blue checked cloths & pots of yellow primroses & a talented young lady played some relaxing music for everyone. It all went down very well & we raised a nice little sum for charity.

A while ago, before I broke my finger, I had volunteered to make the cup cakes. As it's a bit awkward doing things with one hand Mr C had to step in to help - he even helped do the cake decorating too! Before I whipped them off to the tea yesterday I piled them up on some of the vintage cake glass stands that I have been gathering together for the Spring Vintage & Handmade Fair - don't they look pretty all together?

I also made the egg mayonnaise for the sandwiches & everyone was commenting on how delicious they were - thanks to our happy hens of course. As a reward they received all the bread crusts to thank them for their efforts!


  1. All looks lovely.
    How is your poor finger?

  2. All your goodies look so yummy piled on the tiered cake stands. I wish I was coming to your spring fair, I collect those! Hope your finger is better very soon! You have such a sweet hubby for helping you decorate the cupcakes!

  3. i looked out the window this morning and thought what a lovely spring morning- i even have the windows open ;0) fresh air and the beauty of your lovely post -what could be better>? ;0)xx

  4. Those cake stands are as yummy as those cakes look! Especially the blue fluted one.
    That's just the sort of thing my hubbie would do....bless!Glad the fund raiser was a success.
    Hope your finger heals soon.

    Bellaboo :o)

  5. Oh how lovely,Jayne ! Well done on raising funds for charity!
    I think we are all feeling springlike today!
    Even the birds are quite noisy in the early morning!
    Hope your finger is nearly better!

  6. It's lovely here today, I feel so much cheerier! The daffs seem to be late this year though I keep buying cut ones at 99p for indoors. Lovely cake stands, I particularly like the blue one...
    Hen x

  7. Hi, Yes I too have had a nice morining out walking my J Russell sun was shining, it made a nice change. Your display of cakes looks very inviting,lovely picture. Julie.C

  8. i love the plates...a real taste of spring hurrah!

  9. How lucky you are! After this very bad storm yesterday, it's grey over here, uncomfortable and getting cold again. No flowers peeking out of the muddy soil. I'm afraid we have to wait a little longer for some signs of Spring in Germany.
    So your yummy looking cakes and the Eastery arrangement have to cheer me up. I ask for your permission to take over the idea.

  10. Your display looks lovely and the cupcakes yummy!
    I love when the Hubbies come to help. Makes things have a stronger meaning. :)

  11. I love coloured glass, your display makes the cupcakes look very inviting.... I am hungry now! hehe :D
    I love the colours of spring, not long now surely! x

  12. It has been great hasn't it. Now, see that little pink dish to the left (the one with the bobbles), if you ever come across clear versions of it can you let me know please? I have a trifle sized bowl in clear glass and would dearly love little individual dishes to match.

  13. That all looks so lovely!! The glass is gorgeous!! I particularly like the jelly moulds - they remind me of my mum!! We always had jelly made in them - that's when jelly, fruit and tinned cream was a treat for Sunday tea!!

  14. Your blog is wonderful, I have added it to my blogroll. xxx

  15. Oooh, your cakes look yummy! I too have chickens and found it enjoyable cleaning them out and having them follow me around in the garden today. Beats all that awful snow and cold! They were fed up and so was I! Bring on the sunshine!
    Laura xx

  16. oooohhhh how lovely & spring like! It was beautiful here yesterday. I just hope it lasts, holiday next week...yay!!! How's is the finger? :)

  17. Hi Jayne
    My friend Joe brought us some fresh eggs, the first this year and I have used them in a baked cheesecake for Tom's birthday dinner. I agree the colours of the glass are lovely and springlike, lets hope that the sun keeps shining!

  18. I agree - its great to have some lovely Spring days at last. Mr C has made a fantastic job with the cakes - must have had a good teacher. Sorry to hear about the broken finger. x

  19. Oh such a pretty sight!Daffs too!
    Hope your poor finger is feeling better!
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x

  20. Hi Jayne,
    I love the colorful dishes. I am a lover of vintage things, as well. You can see my Granny's vintage Hoosier Cabinet on my blog. Please stop by.
    Hope your finger getst better!

  21. Ouch, I bet breaking a finger was painful but how lucky to have a willing and able man to help out, he's done a great job! I think your display looks very fresh and inviting and I love all the glassware. I also love the dog string holder in your previous post.


  22. Your afternoon tea at the village hall sounds delightful to me, as I am way out here in California. Bless you for helping raise money for a worthy charity.