Thursday, 29 July 2010

Rolling back the years....

Last week I was fortunate enough to purchase this charming 1960's doll's pram made by Silver Cross which evoked memories of my own childhood Silver Cross doll's pram.

My parents bought a full sized Silver Cross pram to use when I was born & then 3 years later when my sister came along they bought me a matching doll's pram so I could be just like Mum.
I spent many happy hours playing with my dolls & pram until the inevitable happened & I "outgrew" it.
It was then passed on to my sister & then a friend so I no longer have it, so it was with a real sense of nostalgia that I bought this one home.

A little research revealed that this model is the "Valerie" with painted roses on the side. Unfortunately the "apron" or cover is missing, otherwise it's in lovely condition so I just need to pretty it up with "blankies", sheets & pillows.
I will post an update when it's done!


  1. Awwwwwwwww! That is sweet.
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. How lovely. My Nan used to work in a pram factory in the 1950s, and my Aunt (her daughter) was called Valerie!

  3. I was a pony-mad girl from very early on so I missed out on prams (couldn't shoe-horn a horse in there) but I think I love them even more now- it's the scaled down size that's so appealing.
    I've often seen aprons for sale separately on eBay...

  4. Aren't they fantastic ... my mum used to have one for us and I can remember walking beside it with my baby sister in it and brother sitting on a seat on the top ... It had a beautiful broderie anglais sun canopy too .... ahhh nostalgia .... thank you Jayne for stirring some more memories x

  5. That pram is lovely - I was pushed about in one very similar when I was a baby.

  6. I remember a very similar pram at my Mums. It was mine and she kept it for years 'just in case'.
    Lovely pram

  7. It will be lovely when its finished, but at the moment it's a total pest situated by the front room waiting for someone to trip over it! Oh and Toby has enjoyed a few rides in it too - sorry mum! X X

  8. Oh thats gorgeous!
    My Mum is 4'10" (i'm not much taller ha ha) and when she had my brother, they bought a Silver Cross coach built pram, she tells tales of how she could hardly see over the top of it!!! x

  9. That is just the same as the one I had and loved. My dog Rex was always happy to go for a ride around the garden. When I had James my Mum and Sister bought me a big one and I am just thinking about selling in it, If my heart will let me.

  10. That's so lovely, can't wait to see it finished with blankets.
    My friend brought a full size one when her baby was born, she lived in a 3rd floor flat so could never use it!!! :)

  11. That pram is lovely and brings back memories for me too.I used to spend hours playing with my dolls..up to the age of 11 would you believe! When my sister was born I used to adore pushing her in the 'big pram'!

    Bellaboo ;o)

  12. I didn't have a Silvercross dolls pram. I had the real thing for my two daughters, coach built chocolate brown with cream. Honestly girls theres nothing like pushing one of these around with your baby in. Used to feel so proud, walked everywhere...bit different knowadays. Its very cute though.

  13. I had the real thing too for my and off white. So much nicer than these modern buggies and better for the baby....a proper pram they can lie flat in.
    Oooh, do I sound like an opinionated old woman?
    Julie x

  14. Hi jayne
    thank you for your comment, Newbury was good- if a little tiring (a long way from home!) have you got the new flyers for the next fair yet? I am happy to start spreading the word! xx

  15. That is adorable, I used to have a Silver Cross pram when I was younger. I used to love it as I could fit all my dolls in it!

    Victoria x