Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Weekend Away

Last weekend Mr C & I had a long weekend away - the first in many a year - now that the children are older we can actually do this & it was very enjoyable.
So, where did we go? Italy? Morocco? The South of France?

Although the photos above might lead you to think that we jetted away for the weekend you might be surprised to know that it was a mere 2 hour's drive from home in sunny Devon!

We managed to pack a lot into 3 days & have lots of photos but I'll spare you reams of them & just give you a flavour.

The harbour shots were taken in Torquay........

On Saturday we went to Totnes which is a delightful town with a really long, narrow, winding high street with lots of interesting & independent shops which is very refreshing.
We popped in to see Lesley at This 'n That & saw Amanda (ShabbyChick) & her mum Barbara on the Friday market where I bought a lovely handmade quilt for Tamzin for looking after The Boy & all the animals (you can see it on her blog)

We also had the pleasure of meeting up with Sal & Terry (Sal's Snippets) & while sipping coffees & munching on cake Sal & I were able to catch up on all things vintage while from the other side of the table we caught snatches of conversation including words such as "notepad", "netbook", "ipad", "iphone" etc so you can guess what they were talking about! Somehow it seems that them acquiring new ipads would benefit Sal & I tremendously!

After wishing them a fond farewell we headed off to the "grockle trap" which is Cockington, but as it is just so pretty it is a must visit - even if just to sit in the garden of the tea room at Rose Cottage eating scones with jam & clotted cream & listening to the pianist in the garden gazebo.

As you can see, this chap succumbed to the sun & the music & nodded off for a while!

On Saturday we headed off to the Eden project....more about that in another post!


  1. These photos certainly make it look like you were sunning yourself on the Riveria!

    Victoria xx

  2. Hi Jayne
    I recognised it immediately, as Michael and I spend time in the area when we can. Sounds like you had a great time.

  3. looks beautiful...it could be the south of France.

  4. Oooh, it all looks beautiful. Devon is such a lovely county - filled with lovely people! Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Hen x

  5. Lucky you - I love South Devon
    Julie xxxx

  6. Your pics are fab, we went to Eden/Cockington/Totnes 4 years ago now, abs loved it, heading Dorset way this year. x

  7. Devon is looking gorgeous, sounds like a wonderful break.

  8. Busy weekend. Look forward to pictures of the Eden project.

  9. You should've let everyone think you were somewhere more exotic. Not that Devon isn't lovely enough itself.

  10. Why go abroad when you have all that and the weather too! What a fab trip.

    Bellaboo :0)

  11. What lovely weather you had, it looks stunning. I know these areas well, especially Totnes, as we used to live in Brixham and my parents still do so I visit regularly. Did you get to Ashburton? another very naughty place with lots of vintage. My friend, Ros, runs a beautiful vintage shop there called 'The Snug'. I do miss Totnes and Ashburton.
    Jo xx

  12. Sounds like a great weekend and certainly shows that you don't need to go abroad to have stunning scenery and wonderful coastline. I saw the quilt you bought for Tamzin on her blog and it's beautiful.
    Ann x

  13. Oh the weather looks perfect, how lovely.
    Ooooohh I love Cockington so much, it is just so beautiful.
    Glad to hear you had a fantastic weekend

  14. Lovely pics- feel quite envious (sitting in wet drizzly Dorset)
    Thanks for your apple idea- I shall try it this afternoon.
    I love your blog, why wasn't I a follower ages ago?!

  15. It's been raining for 2 days it look so dreamy there!!

  16. Beautiful Devon.. so pleased you finally got to discover more of this corner of England and meet up with friendly folk.

    Michele x

  17. What a beautiful place to have a weekend away in :) xxx