Sunday, 15 August 2010

Bathroom Makeover

Way back when we bought this house (about 8 years ago now) we had so much to do including the bathrooms. We had all the fittings & tiles replaced in the children's bathroom, but didn't get around to replastering the walls which were uneven - they are rather old & made from woven wood lathes & a horsehair mix filling, so we hurriedly wallpapered over them & decided to "get back to sorting them out later".

We finally got around to employing a plasterer to smooth over the walls & also the horrid artex ceiling.

What a difference it made! While Mr C industriously repainted the walls & ceiling (the walls are in "Dragonfly" by Crown paints) I decided to save myself a
few pounds by making a Roman blind from Cath Kidston's "Boats" fabric to put up at the window.

I had one of my lovely 1930's school posters framed for the wall above the bath....

hung a £3.00 car boot mirror above the basin....

and a few shell shaped wall pockets too.....I wonder how many colours they made these in?

I'm still looking for a nice corner cupboard to display some other vintage goodies but will wait patiently until I find the right one.

It's like having a brand new bathroom & we are very pleased with it now!

PS: A few people have asked for a tutorial on how to make the blind. Without making another one I can't really show you how but I did find quite good instructions on "Kirstie's Homemade Home" site here.

If you have any questions please do ask!

You can buy all the bits & pieces (tape, rings, cord, rods, toggle etc) that you need to make the blind from John Lewis in their curtaining department if you have one near you, or similar shops should have them too.


  1. It looks lovely and reminds me of mine. Similar wall colour, car boot mirror over the sink and 1930s seaside scene school poster propped up waiting to be hung !
    Ann x

  2. looks fab- whatever would we do without car boot mirrors?!

    Thanks for your comment, isn't it strange how the heart falls out of the kitchen when the stove has to go out for the summer. I hate it!

    Have a good week...I don't expect you'll get out of the bath will you :)

    ps Bruce has been very well supplied with his OWN share of apples- plus he gets the peelings from my baking!

  3. The bathroom looks really lovely
    Julie xxxxx

  4. The bathroom looks gorgeous, I love the colour you have used on the walls and the CK Roman blind, they are so difficult to make, I have never attempted one!
    Jo xx

  5. I love it, please can you do a tutorial for the blind

  6. Looks gorgeous - our walls are lathe and horsehair plaster as well. They'll never fall down, but wouldn't mind having them a little more flat.

  7. That's the bestest bathroom I've ever seen! xx

  8. I love that picture! Looks great.

  9. Love your bathroom makeover! Clever lady making that roman blind..and the print looks perfect there.

    Bellaboo :o)

  10. Your bathroom looks fab and I love the colour of the walls. We have similar mirrors in our bathroom too and I really like their simplicity and practicality.

  11. Those shell pockets are really nice and go beautifully don't they.

  12. I love everything about your new look bathroom Jayne.
    Wishing you all the luck in the world and great success with your new venture. x

  13. It looks lovely Jayne. What a transformation. I shall be thinking of you today when you launch your new branch of Country Cottage Chic..
    Good luck with it all!
    Michele xx

  14. You have done a great job with your the roman blind.
    Julie x

  15. oh miss jaynnnneeee...i left you a little blog award over on my blog...


  16. Beautiful blog!!! Am also in the middle of a new bathroom, so have enjoyed your pictures!
    Think I will sit with a cup of tea a gaze and read........
    Nattie x

  17. Looks wonderful, I've a few of those mirrors living under the bath at the moment awaiting our own bathroom makeover!

  18. I do like the blind that works well and the mirror. I think it must be catching as we are decorating the living room at the moment. Julie.C

  19. What a great make over! I love all the vintage finds I missed during my holidays, in fact I love all your vintage finds! Have a great week!