Saturday, 7 August 2010

Pram update & NEWS!

Remember the 1960's Silver Cross pram that I bought a few weeks ago?
Well, it has had a Country Cottage Chic makeover!

First I bought a brand new coach built doll's pram mattress for the bottom & made a sheet from an old linen tea towel. I searched around & managed to bag a pretty pink & white crocheted blanket just the perfect size to wrap up a baby doll.
We rummaged through our vintage fabric scraps & Tamzin made a handsewn hexagonal pillow case with separate pillow inner & I made a little patchwork quilt.

As you can see, this cute 1960's teddy thoroughly approved!

Now, you might be wondering where I am going to sell this pram - a bit big to post!
You might also be wondering what the NEWS is in the title?


as you know, I am constantly accumulating stuff to sell & my house is getting fuller & fuller & although I sell through my website & at the Vintage & Handmade Fairs things are getting out of control!

Recently I have been thinking about trying to find a space in an antiques centre where I can sell my stuff & get it out of the house. I don't want a shop as at the moment I have far too many things to do & I can't be tied to a shop all week (I have "been there, done it" years ago when I had a fashion boutique but I didn't have a family & lots of animals to take care of then).

In Gloucester, which is about half an hour's drive from where we live, they have recently opened a brand new outlet centre by the historic docks & they have incorporated an antiques centre too. There has been an antiques centre in a big old warehouse there since the 70's. They have now moved & it is still inside an old warehouse but it has been completely revamped so it is light & airy. It covers 3 floors & it's a lot more vintage than antiques & even has it's own tea room where the teas are served on dotty Emma Bridgewater china.

Anyhow, I haven't been there since they moved so I decided to go & have a look last week & was impressed. It was quite busy when I went & all the spaces were full but I went to have a chat with the manager & he said a couple of units were going to be available - one dealer that was leaving was a woman selling fur coats which I'm not really surprised about - it is a nice space by a big window & near the tea room! He asked about my products & I pointed him at my website & he seemed to be impressed & said he liked the look of my stock as it was a bit different to other dealers they have there.

Tamzin is very keen to do it with me when she's home. It is fully staffed with friendly people & has a nice feel to it.

On Wednesday the manager phoned & asked if I was interested in taking the space so on the spur of the moment I said "yes" - yikes! I can move in on Sunday the 15th August - that is just a week from now!! Talk about taking the bull by the horns & jumping in at the deep end (cliche after cliche here girls!)

So....what do we all think? Thoughts? Ideas anyone? It's exciting & scary at the same time & I just hope I'm doing the right thing!

This is the outlet centre:

This is the antiques centre:


  1. Well, if the quality of the rest of your stock is as high as the pram, I don't see that you can fail- it simply GORGEOUS!
    I do think that the beauty of antique centres is that if it doesn't work out then you can simply leave, and far better to have tried something new than sat and thought about it and done nothing.
    Wish you all the luck, although I'm sure you won't need SO exciting!

  2. The pram looks fabulous and love the old teddy! Good luck with your venture, how exciting.

  3. I think it sounds like a great idea and very exciting. Can't wait to hear about how you get on. The dolls pram is lovely, I can see someone buying that to put away for Christmas. Good Luck.
    Ann x

  4. The pram is lovely. Good luck with you unit at Gloucester, perhaps one day we will meet.
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. I'm loving that pram even more now! Good luck with your new venture in the antique centre (not that you will need it with all your gorgeous stock) x

  6. Best of luck with the new venture! The pram looks cute and I love the little pillow. Tamara x

  7. That's really exciting - Gloucester's only 17 miles from here and we love the antiques centre - it's so light and airy and a good teashop. Lots of luck for your new venture.

  8. That sounds really exciting! I wish you lots of luck, I'm sure you'll do really well.
    I love the pram, by the way.

  9. Love that pram, We're buying our grandaughter a new one for christmas (its for me reaaly as she's only 3!) so I'm sure we'll both enyoy it. Good luck with the shop, Lucey xx

  10. Well done you two with the pram, and hoping you do a roaring trade at the antiques centre.

  11. How very exciting, how are you going to part with this lovely pram.
    I will have to pop over and have a look sometime.

  12. Oh wow, the pram is gorgeous! Love it, now I wish i had kept my silvercross pram! xxx

  13. We've been to the old antique center in Gloucester, where exactly is the new place in comparison to the old?

  14. There's only one thing wrong with your brilliant new venture...Gloucester is too far away from me!! :o(
    I wish you all the luck in the world...that's something that I would love to do one day.The pram is makes me wish I was a child again!

    Bellaboo :o)

  15. Love the pram & I think it's a great idea...shame it's too far for me :( .......Good luck :)

  16. Fantastic idea Jayne!! I love the pram, it really is so sweet. I will have to get down to Gloucester, which isn't too far from here.
    Good luck in your new venture.
    Jo xx

  17. What a talented duo you are, the pillow and quilt are lovely ...I haven't the patience to do patchwork, but I do appreciate all the work involved.
    Good luck with your new venture in Gloucester, I'm sure you will do really well..
    Julie x

  18. That's great news, Jayne, I think it's an ideal way to find a more permanent space to sell your lovely things without all the hassles of a shop. Best of luck to you and Tamzin.
    Hen x

  19. Hi Jayne,

    Lovely pram, wish I'd kept mine!! - The shop sounds a fantastic idea, too many coincidences to ignore - especially being near the tea room!!!! (thinking of my stomach again). Good luck to you and Tamzin.
    Maureen. x
    ps: I've had lots of lovely comments about the spoons I bought off of you.

  20. I can't wait to see what you do with a booth space! I know it'll be so pretty and inspiring. You're sure to do well.

  21. I am having problems leaving a comment, I hope this gets through to you. I wanted to say what great news for you Jayne, and if it was me I would go ahead and do it. I would love to do something like that.
    I love the pictures of your vintage pram, the quilt and teddy are lovely. All the best Julie.C

  22. lovely pram. I especially love the patchwork pillow!

    You must be so excited about your new venture. I know I would be. The centre looks very impressive and I wish you tons of good luck for Sunday and beyond.

    Best wishes, Lucyxx

  23. Good luck in your new venture and I'll keep an eye open for your unit as the Antiques Centre is one of my regular haunts (filled with a bit too much temptation at times too!)

  24. Hello,

    I just love the dog bookends..It reminds me of the items that were made in shop class in the 60's...knowing they were possibly made by eager energetic hands bent on getting a good grade makes me like them all the more....
    Everytime I see homemade quilts I fall into a dream state and imagine myself creating something just as nice. I am not a seamstress but lately I have been at least trying my hand at the handmade...who knows..stranger things could happen.. your blog and I'll be back.....