Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Shop Update

I have really been in summer holiday mode recently & haven't updated my online shop with new stock for a while, so today I buckled down & got to work.

I have added lots of lovely vintage sewing kits in Vintage Sewing including the lovely darning set above.

Also, patchwork cushion kits...

A nightdress Dolly kit...

An embroidery kit...

Two Clothkits skirt kits...

Of course we can't forget our canine friends in the Dog House section where you can find these very serious looking Scotty dog bookends...

And a kitty cat is lapping up admiration in Boudoir...

Finally, I have managed to source a few more of the pretty glass ice cream or dessert bowls & seashell shaped spoons which sold out very quickly the last time I listed some.

The bowls are in Glassware...

And the spoons are in Kitchenalia....

Hope you can pop in for a browse!


  1. Oo-oo! I love painted darners! And those custard cups.... It's very easy to see why they sold quickly before. Sooo pretty!

  2. Some lovely things Jayne. I'm going to see if my birds are still there, think I may get bonus this month, if so they're mine!!! :)

  3. ...ooooh how lovely!
    Funnily enough I spent this afternoon making-up boxes of sewing goodies ready to sell in the Autumn, and then I took my favourite bits back out again to keep!

  4. Oooh! more goodies!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Lovely things Jayne. I feel very guilty as I haven't up dated my website for ages!! I can never seem to motivate myself.
    Jo xx

  6. Those spoons are identical to the ones my parents use! And I remember seeing the cat perfume bottles when I was little!

  7. I those spoons arent sold out as Ive just bought them lol! Good luck on your new venture! x

  8. I have just discovered your blog. Love it.
    I have those spoons too!

  9. I had that cat with its perfume in my youth and also at Christmas/birthdays, my mother would bring out the shell shaped spoons at dessert time.............