Sunday, 29 August 2010

Today's Finds

Just a quick blog post today to show you some of my favourite finds so far this weekend.

Most Charming Find
goes to the lovely wedding photo - don't they look so very serious?
(Click on photo to enlarge)
As I don't know who they are it would be fun to name them, so answers on a virtual postcard please!

Most Useful Find
goes to the rolling pin with sunshiney yellow handles.....pie anyone?

Most Cottagey Find
goes to the cute Sylvac cottage shaped butter dish.

and the award for
Most Kitsch Find
has to go to this trio of plastic Christmas elves - hands up if you remember having this type of decoration on your Christmas tree too!

I'll be back with more after tomorrow's treasure hunting (hopefully!)


  1. My fave is the cottagey butter dish. I love a great butter dish!

  2. Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone recognised the happy couple. I bet they would never have envisaged their photograph ending up on the www!! Come to think of it, it wasn't even around then! xx

  3. I would sure love to go shopping with you sometime!
    and I love your polka dot table cover!!

  4. All lovely favourite has to be the butter dish though! :o)

  5. Lovely finds! I can remember pixies like those. Mum used to make a pretty tableau each Christmas on a shelf in our sitting room, usually a 'fantasy' pixie castle with silver foil and 'snow' and hang the pixies from silver birch twigs as if they were flying around the castle. Those were the days!!

  6. I love old photo's. He looks like a Walter to me.

  7. Great finds, I do love the kitsch pixies, they are fab. My favourite has to be the wedding picture.
    Jo xx

  8. Great finds, I especially love the kitsch pixies, but my favourite has to be the wedding picture.
    Jo xx