Sunday, 21 June 2009

Floss's Garden Party

We've all been invited to Floss's birthday bash - a garden party!

The garden is all beautified & the prettiest china has been set out....

...the paper chains & bunting are strung up.....

....a chair is waiting for the birthday girl
(Pippa is keeping it warm in the mean time)......

I've bought a bouquet of flowers.......

....and a gift......

The cakes are baked.....chocolate.....

....Victoria sponge.......

....and muffins......, come out into the garden & enjoy (but mind out for the bumble bees!)


  1. OOOHHH a slice of Victoria for me please - that looks so good! I have a tea set just like yours too!

    A hat stand! Of course! (it's so obvious, ish)
    I love it! Shame to put a hat on it though - I would feel rotten covering up that little face. Thanks for the enlightenment!


  2. Hello Jayne!
    What a lovely party! I would be the birthday girl!
    Greetings from Venice!

  3. Ohoooo how I would loved to have come, please send me some cake, it looks delicious :)

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my little fair, was lovely, but a very stressful build up to it, thats me all over I am afraid, leave everything until last minute, and then wonder why I am all stressed ;)


  4. I wish I could come to your house for tea in the garden! Love the sponge cake, tea cups and union jack chain. What a lovely party for Floss.

  5. The Victoria Sponge looks delicious!

    Victoria x

  6. YUMMM! Muffin for me please! Have a good week.

  7. Yummy having a high tea in the garden, is there anything more delicious?

  8. what a gorgeous garden party mine is here

  9. Oh, what a lovely party! It's probably most like the one I have planned for next week (somehow I forgot the foxy/boxy dancers or Take That, as suggested in other posts)! It's been a lovely birthday present to read through your post - thanks.

  10. Oh gosh those cakes look great!!!
    Awh, how sweet of Pippa... I want to give her a big cuddle.

  11. Those cakes look yummy!!

  12. Floss is the luckiest birthday girl ever.
    What an amazing party you have arranged for her!
    I would love to see some photos of Floss at her party and all the party goers in their finery, will you be putting some on your blog?
    Have a fabulous time, and Happy Birthday Floss.