Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Latest Finds

Vintage books

Vintage sewing

Vintage teaware


Vintage tins

Retro kitchenalia

Covered coathangers

More china

Yet more china

Cute stuff


  1. Wow, what a haul! I love Bimbo and Topsy, so much so that we have it twice! No doubt I love it because of the decidedly pink cover...
    Hen x

  2. Good Grief what an amazing haul- I love all of it-that basket is v.nice - oh and the cake stand.

    Incidentally -I am starting to seriously question old Enid - I think she may have kept a colony of writers hidden away in her country manor. She couldn't possibly have written so much!


  3. Hi Jayne,
    Such treasures - well done.
    I particularly love the cottage printed china sandwich set and the rosey cake stand.
    Isn't vintage shopping soooo much fun?!!
    Niki x

  4. What lovely finds. I do so like things English, particularly the cottage plates!

  5. Hi, What a treasure trove. I think my favourites are the country cottage patterned china and the scottie dog. Don't think I'll ever tire of the thrill of tracking down such finds and guess you won't either:)
    Lesley X

  6. Just beautiful! I love the vintage tins most.

  7. What great finds! I would have fought you for the same things should we be shopping together, haha!

  8. goodness, purrrleeeaaase don't tell me you got all those on one trip?

    I love seeing vintage hauls...the Enid Blyton must be worth a bit for sure? oh and the blue jugs...love em

    nice visit


  9. One can never go wrong with Enid Blyton books, I still squeal with delight when I find some!

    Victoria x

  10. For some reason your posts aren't being updated on my dashboard and I'm missing them. Never mind. I've just had a lovely catchup! I remember reading The Adventures of Pip a very long time ago. Lovely to see it again.


  11. wow what lovely finds, well done!
    I love Bimbo & Topsy, I have a shopping bag with a book cover on. I've had it for years, long before it was trendy to have your own shopping bag....lol!!! :)

  12. Fabulous treasure to look at. I'd forgotten about Bimbo and Topsy. Like Fleur we've been wondering lately if Enid had a friend who helped her out with all the writing. Amazing amount of work.

    The eggs are great. I love that about having our own hens. Some days they look like long torpeodoes and others medicine balls.

    Lisa x

  13. ooo im loving all your vintage china..lovely finds!

  14. Hello Jayne!
    Lovely vintage tins!
    My mum would be very jealous about your new china! (she manage a stall at flea market in her spare time)
    I think that you have got more chance there for good finds!
    Have a nice weekend!