Friday, 5 June 2009

Linen in the vegetable garden...

I thought these photos would make you smile!

After the V&H Fair I had to wash all the vintage tablecloths that we used on the tea tables. Some of them were quite tea stained & one had had an entire cup of coffee spilt on it.
Now I'm going to sound like a washing powder advert, but I just wanted to tell you about the merits of "Vanish". I sprayed all the stains with Vanish spray, then put them in my washing machine on a hot wash - I added a scoop of Vanish powder to the usual washing powder & I was amazed that every stain came out & they were all beautifully clean!

As there were a lot there wasn't space for all of them on the line so they ended up being pegged on the plant supports in the veggie garden!

On my way back into the house I took a few shots on the patio. If you click on the photos they will enlarge.

This is my favourite David Austin rose which smells wonderful.

My wirework stand which, as you can see, needs some more plants.

The honeysuckle next to the back door which smells lovely & the bees love it too!


  1. Vanish is great and I also use Ace bleach which sounds scary but works well. Glo-white is fab on linen too.
    I don't think there's anything odd about drying your linen that way...after all, years ago they used to throw their 'smalls' over hedges to dry!
    Deb x

  2. Thanks for the tip Jayne, I will try that.

  3. I love the laundry in the garden! Putting up a clothesline in our backyard was almost the first improvement when we moved to this house. I don't think vanish is available in the US, mores the pity!

  4. My granny used to put her whites on the grass to "bleach" in the sun..... Thanks for letting your lovely cloths be used at the fair. x

  5. ought to go on the telly,you sold that Vanish so well..!
    Your Honeysuckle is gorgeous. We have a few around the garden but they are not in flower yet.
    Have a lovely weekend...a bit less hectic than last I think!

  6. oh your garden is sooo pretty! I love david Austin roses. xxx

  7. I think that is the best place to display your linens! LOL, yeah I love the picture! Sometimes reading blogs is so educational. Of course I don't check every word in English I don't know in my dictionary. I read the word honeysuckle before, but now I see the image I can see it is our good old kamperfoelie we both know as Lonicera. Have a great weekend!

  8. Where there's a will, there's a way!

  9. I have to agree with you about the merits of Vanish. I recently bought a whole lot of vintage mens collars - (which btw are now the subject of my new body of work which I hope to post soon). They were extremely grubby but I went back to my inner washerwoman (with the aid of Vanish) and they came up a treat!

  10. I think thats a nice bucolic scene, the linen blowing in the breeze. The tea shop obviously gave you a lot of extra work so it was great that it was such a success. Pouring with rain here this morning so no car booting today, alas.
    Hen x

  11. I shall keep this laundry tip in mind... as son and heir always manages to spill tomato sauce on his white shirts.
    I love the photo of the looks like a art instillation at an art fair..


  12. I'll have to try vanish, my four year old is terrible for getting food stains on her clothes at nursery, I don't mind but whatever they feed them there never comes out.
    Kim xx

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog Jayne ..... I get a great feeling rescuing dusty old linens and putting some life back into them .... it is a shame they are not appreciated enough because so much hard work must have gone into producing them. Know what you mean about car booting this weekend .... we were rained off too and I can't wait for this week to pass (there I go wishing my life away again). Well done on the V & H Fair .... please let me know when you have fixed next years date as I would like to make a weekend visit to the area to justify the travelling to OH!

  14. Love the bloomers!

  15. Thanks for the Vanish tip, your roses look gorgeous as does the Honeysuckle! I love the scent it always remind me of holidays!
    Rachel x

  16. me again! I've tagged you! visit my blog for your questions! x