Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Christmas Countdown!

Well, here it is at last - 1st December! This means we can officially be as festive & Christmassy as we like!
The Advent calendars have had their first little door opened (my children still have them even though they are 20 & 15). Mince pies can be eaten, mulled wine drunk & carols listened to & I can sing "tra-la-la-la-la" whenever I feel like it!
Has anyone put up their decorations yet? Mr Cottage has a date with the loft next weekend & the halls will be decked with more than a few boughs of holly.

I've received my first few Christmas cards but I have to admit that I haven't sent mine yet! Christmas shopping has to begin in earnest & then the wrapping - which I love to do.

You may have noticed that my blog has had a festive makeover - don't you just love the retro reindeer? We took this photo last year in the snow - good forward planning on my part I thought!

Vintage goodies have been flying off my shop shelves, so it has had a little update including some lovelies that might be good gifts for those hard-to-buy-for people on your list.

The lovely lady above is a charming boudoir doll who doubles as a nightdress case & she is in superb condition.

How about some pretty hankies in a kitten decorated box? There is even a vintage gift tag included - I wonder why the original recipient didn't use them?

Lovely unused knives for the Christmas table.

A sweet stationary set for all those after Christmas thank you letters.

And what about the lovely McTavish who is looking for a new home this Christmas?

Or a tin for the mince pies & shortbread?

Finally, an adorable calendar to wish you luck for the coming year.

(Although this one is from 1939!)

There are lots of other super goodies, so, if you have some time why not pop in for a browse (I'll serve you a virtual mince pie & glass of mulled wine while you are visiting & I promise not to sing!)


  1. I don't mind you singing! I will join you... tra la la la la... la la la la. LOL

    Your goodies look marvelous! And I love your new banner!

  2. I love your 'new look' blog! gorgeous!
    I haven't even bought any Christmas cards yet let alone sent any, i'm so behind this year!!
    It's my son's 11th birthday on 8th December though so i've got to deal with that first ;)

    Micki x

  3. Just look at you all "Christmas'd up"!!!! I have used the vintage cake decorations I bought from you at the Vintage And Handmade...... they are glorious. I also bought a larger white plastic reindeer from Cowboys and Custard, but it is going to have pride of place on the (as yet unmade) Christmas cake.

  4. I love the new look!! Of course I do I'm now the lucky owner of those beauties!!!
    I'm taking my Christmas music to work today, love it even though it drives everyone mad...... I'll be singing all day :)

  5. Can you believe it? I can't!!! January will be here before we know it!
    Happy days ahead for you

  6. Hi jayne, stop by my blog please, I have something for you!